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Hi Warriors:

Have a question about Google and being on the first page.

Tonight I typed into Google the name of the band and the word book that I had written about several years ago. My book/website came up on Page 1 for the search term but that is not the surprise.

A video that I placed (not on YouTube which at the time had hundred of thousands of views) on another site and forgot about is showing on Page 1 as well. To this day it only has 977 views. Could you please explain in layman's terms how that could make even the first 10 Pages?

Thank you for your time and have a great Monday,
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    Hi Craig,

    It all depends on the competition for the particular search term you are ranking for. Sometimes you can just set up a website without any special back-linking effort and it sky rockets to the 1st page of google, if the competition is low.

    Plus, the age of domains also make a factor in the ranking (several years add up).

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    zannix is correct. If you make a video on "reproduction of the African dingo moth in winter" put it on youtube, and then search for reproduction of African dingo moth" you're going to be on page 1 as there is no competition for that term. That's why the combo of articles and videos submitted on your topic add up to helping in SEO as Google sees is as a relevant resource (hopefully)

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    Depends on the competition for the keyword your ranking for really, if the competition for the band and book is really low that would easily get your website or blog and book to the top of the search engines, plus having a domain up for several years adds up also help it rank better
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      One thing to remember that depending on the video site your video is on it may actually have more pr then you. Google and the other search engines not only look at links coming to things from other sites but also internal links. There for the vido may have hundreds of thousands of internal links. Which could be why it is on the front page.

      However you may also want to check your main keyword on another browser not signed into your google account. For if for any reason you saved it to your google bookmarks or even just viewed the page alot. In many cases google now shows you your liked and most viewed pages on the front page listings. This is recent with the new algorithm change they made a few months back.

      I also think you would be better off placing this in the seo section here on the forum. This way you would get a much better answer to your question. Also keep in mind your posts like this one out of place may get moved or deleted by a moderator. So it is best to make sure it is in the right section first and for most.

      Hope this helps a little best of luck to you and your business.
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    Its simply due to keyword competition I must say.
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