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Hi all,

Im busy building up a nice FB fan page business. I want to get 3 pages up all with about 10 000 followers (I will advertise with paid advertising and offer an email optin) Now i know its not great to directly advertise affiliate products on the fan page. So what is a good strategy? Simply offer continuous free valuable info, products etc etc on the fan page to keep interest and build loyalty then use the email list i build from these followers to promote my affiliate products to? Any additional tips or good advice would help tremendously as im planning on making these 3 fan pages my primary income before expanding onto other income streams


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    Well I think one would be to keep your page updated with interesting stuff so they may be inclined to comment about it and then a link will show on their own wall, of course their friends will see it on the newsfeed..and so on... Good Luck
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    It depends how much interesting things you share on the fan page. If always people find you are sharing interesting and valuable stuff then they will be loyal to the page.
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      I Have 4 pages now with give or take 250k fans, like you said, I NEVER direct market to them. I implement two strategies that have been successful.

      The first is standard... I offer a free gift within a custom page, and utilize the "Facebook Connect" system instead of email opt-in.

      The second strategy is I make squeeze pages for products and make video series on the product I am going to offer. (I get with the product creator for these vids if the product isn't mine)

      I typically do a three video series (Free Instant benefit video/Hero Story (How I found it, the changes it made for me/ Then a video of "Success Stories and show them what they get within the product)

      So long story short, I segment the fan pages through squeeze pages so they can opt in if interested (Hell, all I am offering is free content!)

      Then i hit them with a pre-launch series, then a sales page via auto responder.

      I also like to really make a connection on the sales page about the fan page they are on! (Example: Special 50% Discount for you because you are an I <3 Basketball Fan Page Member! Congratulations!)

      Hope that helps!
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    Build a relationship > Add Value > Gain Trust > Offer Solutions .... repeat.
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    If you have interesting things to share in your fan page;
    If you have useful things to share in your fan page;
    For sure, you will gain trust and gain more people to like your page.
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    This is a subject I have been looking into.. I opted to not directly sell from my fan page, no affiliate links..

    I do however create "notes" where I will take a segment of a previously written review from my site and use that, at the end of the note it states.. to read the rest of this review follow this link..
    That link obviously leading back to my review site..

    I like to look at it as redirecting from your fan page to an external sales page..
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    yeah its not good to post affiliate links to your fan page,your doing it right by building a list and market to that list..

    you could still get people over to your website by adding the facebook notes app to your fan page write a really good article paste half of it into the fb notes

    And at the Bottom of the note say To read the rest of this article click here {Put your link to your website with the full article and that will send people over to your site

    you don't want to do that every day.go take a look at ((Jo Barnes)) fb fan page she deals all whit facebook fan pages she got some good stuff on there her fan page is called social networking academy
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