How do you set up an Affiliate program for your first product as a newbie?

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Hi folks

Happy Holidays.

Advice for a newbie with imminent product time again!

So, I have a weighty ebook on a strong niche and I know that there are a lot of people out there that could promote it for me as JV's or just as affiliates.

But, what's the best way to run that program for me as a noob?

Shall I just put it on clickbank and make an affiliate resource page myself - headers, graphics, email text etc?

If so, will Clickbank work fine?

When making an affiliate resource page, do you advise using a piece of software like Affiliate Page Pro or just stick it together myself?

Any help welcome.

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    Clickbank works real well. If you are a good designer then you can always do it yourself.

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      Anyone else?

      Tips needed!

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      Hey Will,

      Clickbank would be perfect. I also highly recommend affiliate page Pro. It is the exact program I use to build my affiliate resource pages.


      Shannon Herod
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    Use clickbank and it would all become real easy for you.

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      In addition to Clickbank, another option I highly recommend that doesn't involve purchasing a script package is e-junkie ( It's only $5/month for up to 10 products and has a one-week trial.
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    I also agree. Clickbank is a good option and very easy to use. Additionally, I've found Clickbank to be more reliable than some of the other services. My suggestion for setting up a pitch page and graphics is to use a freelancer. I have found some great resources through and eLance.

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    For a project I've got going off with an accountant prospect of mine, we're going to integrate with Clickbank because, despite some bad reviews here and there, it's still a very simple and quick way to get things moving.
    Not only that, we're also going in heavy with helping affiliates with things like very generous commissions and sales related incentives, and also putting up a support site to include banners, articles, adwords keywords etc to really hit the ground running.
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