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Disclaimer: I am not in the IM or SEO niche and have no affiliation with any of these tools. They're stuff I've found along the way, here and elsewhere, and are my own personal "best of the web" that I've come to rely on. They're also all free, and require no registration or "opt in" to use. In no particular order:

Website SEO Tool | Website Grader this tool grades your site (and gives you a numerical score) based on content and optimization. Each area is broken down into several sub categories, and the analysis also points out what you're doing right and what you're missing or could be doing better. from the makers of the above, but with a focus on blogs (note that my site is a blog and I use both of them as they're complimentary).

Pingdom Tools tests the load speed of your page. Also allows you to save the result online so that every time you use it you can compare the current load time against your previous runs. Also has the ability to run a separate DNS health check as well as trace route functions.

http://services/readability.php#readingresults analyzes the readability of your site using several different algorithms. Aside from the score from each algorithm, you get a break down on how the algorithm works, and an explanation of how to understand the score and how it corresponds to reading level. Ideal for ensuring that you're writing is accessible to a broad audience.

StatCounter Free invisible Web tracker, Hit counter and Web stats Free stat counter that can display number of visits or just track them but hide the results. They have a new beta version I'm testing that goes well beyond what the old version could capture as well, and which tracks more metrics than Analytics (which I believe is essential but shouldn't be the only traffic analyzer one has to rely on): StatCounter - Free Invisible Web Tracker, Hit Counter and Web Stats

SEO Tools | Blogger Sentral checks 6 vital elements of your domain/webpage: it checks your web page size and loading time, page rank, backlinks to your domain/web page, reciprocal links from anyone you may be in a link trade with, broken links on your web page, plus your meta tag content.

I use additional free tools I've found on the web as well, but decided to spotlight these based on the fact that, aside from being free, they're "bread and butter" tools I use regularly, and I'm also particularly fond of them because they combine functionality with ease of access.

Hope they're of help to others, especially other new warriors who really need (and can benefit) from these, and who are already swamped by the learning curve that is part of IM (though I prefer to look at it as a very rewarding challenge).
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    thanks for this post mate, I use website grader, its a good tool to know the strenght of seo of your website

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      Originally Posted by Fazal Mayar View Post

      thanks for this post mate, I use website grader, its a good tool to know the strenght of seo of your website
      That and the new beta stat counter are probably my two favorite and most heavily used tools. My site (first and only IM site) is 10 days old, and I credit a lot of the improvements I've made in the week or so since finding website grader to that tool.

      When I found it and used it the first time it came back with a grade of 51 - and lots and lots of suggestions as to what the site needed to improve it and fill in the gaps. Without sacrificing regular posting, I devoted most of my remaining on site time to optimization based on its feedback and some ideas I thought of along the way.

      After implement the first round, my score jumped to 63. And after completing my last of the pressing optimization projects that was in the works, I reran it tonight and its now up to 70 and the score is showing up as blue instead of orange. As I've always been a bit of a whore for grading, watching the numerical score continuing to creep upward provided a big push - that it also revealed the areas that needed improving was a major asset toward achieving the progress.

      Now I'm finally content with the overall look and layout and can move on to other projects in the queue, some of which will boost that score higher again, but these are not projects that were as pressing as the ones done to date.

      I mentioned Analytics in my OP and think its an essential tool as well; however I don't think anyone should rely on one single source for site traffic info, and I find the new beta stat counter actually provides more traffic data than Analytics, so I'm more partial to it even though I use both. In fact, I like it so much that, even though its not required, I still display a Stat Counter badge on my site (although its just the badge version with no traffic info displayed to visitors).
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    I agree 100 percent. This is a great tracking idea.
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    Thanx, I'll have to check out the rest but i do currently use statcounter. The new upgrade they did with the statcounter service is great!! I also highly recommend it.
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    And any newbie should also be checking out Google Analytics

    I really hope you are having a super day

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    I love StatCounter!
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    Don't forget this also Google Analytics | Official Website

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    Wow! It's good to visit Warrior forum today because i've read a great thread like this. Thanks for sharing friend. This will help a lot.
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    Some other free tools you can use in your online business (no aff links, they are free lol)

    Oh well, tried to post, but as I dont have 15 posts yet, not allowed to include links. But put the names below so you can google them Good little tools to use.

    Wink - Google it

    This is a great little presentation maker that is free. Good to putting little screencasts together. You can see a demo on their site.

    Freepdfconvert dot com

    In need to a PDF file from a .txt, .doc or open office file? This free convertor is actually not all that bad. Just enter the location of your doc on your PC and away you go.

    You can leave out your email if you like, and it will convert on the fly and tell you when its done. Or you can enter your email and it will send you notification once its converted and ready for download.

    7 zip

    If you do use the above PDF conversion site, then you will also need this one. Its a zip extraction tool (like Winzip etc) only its FREE and pretty cool at that.


    If you need to touch up photos or images, then Gimp is the way to go. It takes a little learning time, but can produce useful results once you get used to it.


    Recording audio files? Perhaps making MP3's from all those PLR files you have sitting on your computer? If so Audacity is the best free audio software out there.


    For uploading and downloading from your web site, then the best FREE FTP in my book is filezilla. Easy to use, simple layout and navigation and free.

    Hope these help in your quest online. Sorry could not paste actual links for you yet.


    There is nothing more special than life and just living it

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      I ran into the same issue the first time I thought to post the list, but knew I needed 15 posts first and happened to be only a couple away then. I got a really nice PM from my first thread I posted, but will have to wait on another 25 posts before I hit the magic 50 number to thank him for his PM. C'est la vie.
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    wow.. free tools.
    Photo Proof of results
    979 clicks, 177 sign ups, 2 sales
    = $133.08 of CB commissions!
    Within 1st day of blast!
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      Excellent! Very helpful tools!
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    pretty cool stuff
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