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Hi All,

Is there a free way to cloak my affiliate link? Ans what exactly does cloaking do? Then is this the same as making the link look more proffessional by shortening it? And what tool can shorten links or change links into wording that is relevant to what you are promoting in order to get better CTR?


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    cloaking links is usually paid method.
    its by buying a domain and redirect to ur affiliate link.

    thats the whole idea.

    if u are talking about url shortener ther are lots of free service out there like bitly, trackyourlinks.com and many more that i cant think of hand right now.

    this free services also allow ur to custom ur links abit, meaning if u go by bitly then the main domain of your tracking link would be something like bit.ly/custom-ur-link

    so in a way u can put the last part relating to ur offer.

    but the 1st part is the root domain which u cant change.

    unless maybe if u pay for their services, but i have always gone for free ones.

    but if u want to pay might as well go for the domain cloaking, at least u have control over ur tracking rather than a 3rd party tracking device.

    hope that helps.
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    If youe one of those using wordpress for your sales, there are plugins like goCode.

    It mainly displays a clean link in the browser status bar, so when someone rolls over it they don't realize they are going to an affiliate page.

    you pick a psudo directory for all cloaks, like review
    then setup each product link in a settings screen, giving a rollover preview


    as a plus it logs the number of outgoing clicks.

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      You could also use bitly to cloak your links. It is pretty fast as well
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    This is paid services . if some one make free , we will also interested.
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    Check this free cloaking website out and it’s information center: Affiliate Link Cloaker Hide Links
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    You can make landing pages on your domain and embed your affiliate links in the hyperlink...... Hope that helps
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    What I normally do is create like a "recommends" folder on my website and then create other pages that redirect to my affiliate offer. So it basically looks like: mydomain.com/recommends/affiliateoffer. It's kinda old school I guess, but it works. You do need some redirect code though.

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    If you're using wordpress, there are several plugins to cloak links, including Pretty Links, which is a popular one.

    The Lite version is free and the pro version is paid.
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    The point of cloaking is to hide your affiliate link. As some said above, there are indeed free ways to cloak your link.
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    The Pretty Links plugin is the way to go if you are using Wordpress. I used to use bit.ly but it's tough leaving the fate of your sites and links in another company's/site's hands.
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