Happy 2009!! Advice to make 2009 the best ever!

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I want to pass on some advice to you so you can make 2009 the best year ever. Yes, the economy is bad and times are tough, but there's always opportunity. And, as long as you are at the right place at the right time, with the right stuff, the economy will not damage you to where you cannot manuver properly.

I'll do my best to explain my piece of advice but take it easy on my writing as I've been slammed sick with strep throat and am smothered with medicine at the moment.

But with Step Throat or not, here I come with some advice to make your life better.

First off, if you sell IM products to other IMers (which so many here do) I have a big, fat, humongeous piece of advice for you. This advice has taken me a long time to get down. I'm still not very good at it and I take it for granted - as most do.

here it goes:

If you sell IM products to other IMers, then you should first focus most of your effort and attention and time on setting up your affiliates. That's right. It's most important. I've seen enough JV attempts in my life to know a good one when I see one, and I've seen some this year that totally blew away all the others.

I've seen marketers do special webinars for their affiliates... I've had affiliate managers call me, help me, follow up with me, contact me on skype, email, phone calls, facebook, etc etc
to make sure I promote.

But then, I've had the opposite too. I have had people contact me at the last second with a half-ass attempt. Since I dont promote constantly, it takes more than a half ass attempt to get me to promote, even if it's a great product.

But, I'm guilty too. I've focused so much on my content, the technical stuff, etc etc... that I tend to end up pushing the JV/affiliate portion of the launch off till the last second... making it secondary... and shooting myself in the foot at the same time.

It's almost inevitable to have something go wrong with your launch, and that causes things to be pushed back - especially when you depend on others (outsourcers or employees) to do their jobs on time. And, as things get pushed back, it makes it harder to nail down promoters.

Therefore, focus your efforts and attention first on the promoters. Focus on the promotion, the launch... the JV's... the tools... promo events... interviews... bundling... sales processes... referrals... brokering... etc etc FIRST!

Now I believe if you sell IM products to other IMers, that piece of information can make a huge difference in your financial lives. Do not do like I've done and rely on awesome products to sell themselves (although mine often do... lol). Focus on promotion and your affiliates First!

It can make the difference between a five figure launch and a six figure launch

And lastly, one solid launch to the IM community is all it takes to change your financial life forever. One solid launch can make a world of difference. It can catapult you into another stratosphere of success... making each next launch/product even easier to turn into major money.

And, if you are going after non-IM markets, the same thing applies. Promotion! Focus on that first. You are a marketer... do what great marketers do... they market! The content and all the other bells and whistles are secondary to promotion.

You may not like to hear that, but I'm here to help you make money... not tell you what you want to hear. I'm not running for president.

As I return to my codeine infested medicine, here's to a tremendous 2009 for all Warriors and again, thanks for all you have done for me! My family and me will always appreciate and adore the Warrior Forum!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Allen!

PS - one last piece of advice. To make 2009 your best year ever, start selling stuff. I'm sure if you started selling stuff, you'd start making money... right? So, if you did not sell much during 2008, make a solid commitment to yourself to start selling stuff now, in 2009!

PPS - I dont recommend step throat to even my worst enemies.
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