What are your goals for 2009? Let's GET IT!

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We all know we must set goals to make this Internet Marketing business work. I'd like to know what your goals for 2009 are, and what exactly you plan to do to achieve those goals.

Though we make a lot of plans that we end up not taking action on, and change A LOT of things along the way, what do you plan on STICKING with?

Also, what do you think you will EXPAND into? You may be making a lot of money with one technique but if you tried a new one you could triple your income... so what's that next expansion to your business?

Personally, my goals for 2009 are to make at least 100k online (profit). I've been online buying tons of products and working on creating a business online for a while, but I feel like I am on the verge of really GETTIN IT (money I mean). I want to have at least 2 membership sites up by March of '09 as well. Also, I'd like to get my license back. It's been revoked since July '07 from a 2005 DUI. So, yea, I really need to get that back.

The one website I do plan on STICKING with is my PLR-Bazaar.com (updating and improving along the way)

What I plan on expanding into is an offline model. I bought the David Preston Cash Cow Workshops, and I would really like to make that type of business work for me in my local area.

One more goal I have is to get my first WSO up and doing well. I've been on the Warrior Forum for over 3 years, but I had to reregister at one point. But, as you can see I don't post as much as I read.

I am very much interested to see your goals so LET'S GET IT!
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    Hey MArk,

    My goal is to taste real financial freedom. Ive been making good money, but never real wealth.

    That is my goal for 09.

    Christopher Reid
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