Post your Best Off-the-radar Tip for Newbies. Just one. I'll start...

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If you had only one tip to give new Imers and you wanted to make sure that it's one they hadn't heard before, but was important enough to mention- what would it be?

Just one.

Mine is as follows:

Learn to live outside the need for Google. The traffic is great when you get it, but their constantly evolving search algorithm may not be the best beast for newbs to tackle out of the gate.

Some alternative free/cheap traffic: stumbleupons paid traffic program is excellent. Sevensearch is another great under utilized service. Ad swaps and ad buys are some of my favorite ways to generate inexpensive, quality traffic.

In short once you have your plan consider some inexpensive paid traffic as an alternative to Google, or at least in the meantime till you master the SEO craft.
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    Stick to just one method! Spreading yourself too thin can be very easy to do. When you are just learning the ropes, start out by having one plan and put into action. Focus on the one thing until you have it mastered or until it has become successful for you.
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    Just one? Now that makes it difficult!

    I would say to keep your BS radar finely tuned, which includes (here's where I slip in a subset!)

    Stop and assess products and services before you buy and/or promote them.
    Invest time in research before you hit the Add To Cart button.
    Look at the credentials of the people behind products (and ask yourself: if they hide there identity, is there a reason for this?)
    To those who claim millions of dollars in sales say "Prove it"
    Don't believe testimonials unless you can verify them
    Understand that you DO have to work for results ($s)
    Don't trust people who tell you that you don't
    When you find honest and ethical mentors and colleagues, embrace them
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    I think you need to PLAN to LEARN all the basic stuff, then the world looks different, and you will know which road to take next for you, according to your GOAL,..... then make a new plan to reach that GOAL
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      #1. Get an education in IM BEFORE SPENDING MONEY ON PRODUCTS. If you can't afford a course, go to and read Internet Marketing/Business section for free input and resources.
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        When I started I wanted to make 10k a month.

        What I should have done was said I need to make .01 or 1 dollar first. That would have made it so much easier with the get rich quick schemes always in front of you.

        Another great resource I used was my brother's text books from college. Marketing 101... I actually still read it. Back to the basics helps me greatly.

        Amazing when you figure out the basics first.
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          I have another one to add to the list based on DSM091's post. I know I said one, but this one was better than my original so I had to post it.

          You would be amazed at what you can learn just from spending a few hours a week in the marketing section of your library or local bookstore.

          Go here (this is NOT an affiliate link). This search result of the hottest books on marketing at Amazon.

          Make a list of the ones that jump out at you, then go find them at your local bookstore or library. Get tens of thousands of dollars worth of education for free. :-)
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    Make a plan and stick to the plan. Even a bad idea can be successful if your follow the plan.

    blah blah blah

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      Stick to one plan, and execute, execute, execute. Don't be distracted by the latest trick, or short cut. There are none, and you're wasting valuable time when you could have been executing on your own plan.

      Set reasonable targets, and kick yourself if you don't meet them! Whether it be # of videos posted, # of articles published, # of backlinks obtained, # of new posts published on blog, # of unique daily visitors -whatever it is - get it done, even when you don't feel motivated. Especially when you don't feel motivated!
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    My best tip would be: Clearly define what you want, and more importantly, why you want it. Those reasons will be your motivation when times are tough. Write down the details of what you want your outcome to be. Tip #2: It's not enough to say "money."
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    organize yourself.. Really ...
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    Get actively involved in forums related to IM and/or your niche. Even if you are brand new, you can still participate.

    If you have a local Warrior Meet-Up in your area....go!

    Basically, get to know others in the industry and let them get to know you.

    Don't be shy! If you want this 'life''re going to have to step up!
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    Be adaptable! This industry changes overnight - roll with it.
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      Stop running around looking for "what's new" and focus your efforts on what's been proven to work.

      Don't read sales pages unless you NEED to buy something (saves hours and money).

      Just wait a second – so what you're telling me is that my chance of surviving all this is directly linked to the common sense of others? You’re kidding, right?
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    Can't you stick into one idea till it starts making profits for you ? STOP working when the process gets boring. Take a break and come back with fresh mind.

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    This is simple,

    BUILD your list, yes! you have been told this a thousands times already, but why arent you doing it!

    Once you do this, a whole new world will open up infront of you.

    But lets step that up a notch.

    1) Create repore

    If you want to get the best benefit from your list, treat them like a friend. Send them stuff that really enthrals them and can help them with their business. Then they love you and it gains even more trust.

    2) Help your list

    If someone emails you ask if they are a subscriber, if they are, then help them. This goes a long way, even if you spend a little bit of spare time doing this each day it pays off, and karma will reward you. Its how the law of this works.

    just doing number 2 has made me thousands of dollars this year, as I know how to offer more, and help my customers see results for free. You do this, and they will have no problems paying.

    Just saying.
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      Get a mentor in the beginning or work with someone closely who is just starting out like you are, so your not alone out in the dark IM world!
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    The single most valuable advice I've benefited from:

    Stop reading and thinking about how to do IM and start doing it. Now. Not later, not tomorrow, not after you finish reading whatever else you're reading about, or researching.

    Start right now. Once you've launched you can then begin learning and implementing all of those ideas and questions you're pondering now.

    Decide whether you want to live your life READING about IM, or become one of the people who are DOING IM. If you don't want to spend your life just reading about it, then start doing it. Right now. Tweak and perfect after you've launched.
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    I would say Don't try to reinvent the wheel. If something worked yesterday for someone else then chances are that it will work today for you. Stop chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and instead build a business that will send the pot of gold chasing you. Poetic I know
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      Originally Posted by MickAdamski View Post

      I would say Don't try to reinvent the wheel. If something worked yesterday for someone else then chances are that it will work today for you. Stop chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and instead build a business that will send the pot of gold chasing you. Poetic I know
      this is a little pot of gold.

      I have seen 3 clients, go and step away from the way they use to do business and wondered why they were on the verge of bankruptcies!! Simple they were not doing what was working for them before. They tried to recreate their business from scratch.

      This is a big no no.

      If something is working for you today, and making you money, do not go and look for something better. The grass is normally not greener. Do more of the things bringing you results ...and less of what doesnt.

      Test....test.....test.... evetually you will find something that works. Then just stick to that!. VIOLA.. then just upscale and outsource. :-) simple really.
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    Create a daily to-do list and stick to it. It is super easy
    to find yourself browsing the forum and find that a few
    hours have passed, with nothing productive to show for
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    The idea is 10% and action is 90%.
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    Do tasks first each day, whether it's writing articles, putting up a blog post, backlinking or working on your ebook. Don't spend most of your time checking stats, writing e-mails or on forums but do that after you've been productive.

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    mine is: test test test, dont use just one version try several. and do not be afraid to spend money on your business.
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    Set your alarm clock 1.5 hours earlier every morning and get your axx up and work on your business!
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    Don't be a whiner. I've never met a truly successful whiner in my life. As long as you feel sorry for yourself the sympathy you get is your reward. Is that enough pay for you?

    I didn't think so.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      Believe you can do it, because if you don't, how can you expect others to believe it?
      Quit reading, plotting and planning, and just get busy doing it.
      No matter what, content is king, find a way to deliver good content, over deliver if you can, give people what they want to find, and success is not far behind...
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    Tips from a newbie like me.
    "Never give up"
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  • Hmmm...

    Formulate a business model built on the foundation of helping others solve their urgent problems and satisfy their immediate needs they can't solve nor satisfy on their own...

    Build your business from the ground up with one objective: To run it from the top down at the soonest...

    Great ideas are nothing without immediate action...
    Excellent plans are useless without beneficial results...

    Hang out where your target viewers hang out and help them solve their relevant problems and satisfy their related needs they can't solve nor satisfy on their own...
    Maximize the utility of your available resources...

    Blaze new trails and find new routes to your dreams...
    The point is not to thread less traveled paths, but to instead create new roads to your goals...

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