Huge Opportunity and Huge Niche, I don't have time take it.

by LMC
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Hey Guys,

I stumbled upon this opportunity that has a lot of potential and just wanted to shoot it out to the public because I'm not going to be using it.

I don't know what it is like in your town, and this probably only relates to the US, but a lot of county's are beginning to put up red light cameras aka speed cameras.

Many people are complaining. Many people are tired of these things, I personally have gotten 2 and they are $50 a piece.

There is a problem.

Here is the solution.


Have a nice site about these tickets, what they mean, what to do, best recourse, etc, etc

There is a huge revenue stream generated through lawyers via lead generation, as well as products such as this new red light camera spray.

Apparently, you spray this on your license plate and it leaves a glossy finish. When the camera flashes it gets blurred and so they can't read the plate, thus they don't know who you are.

The MSRP is $30 and the wholesale is $10

There is also a 15% affiliate program if you want to test the market before buying a supply. However, the dealer application is here: License Plate Covers and License Plate Spray built to defeat Photo Radar, Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras. Avoid traffic tickets

Most of the sites on the topic are outdated, and the competition in the Top 10 is not that tough, to an intermediate or experience marketer this should be cake.

I see a high conversion here and a definite success with the right positioning.
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    thats generous, nice niche
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    Great opportunity here, this stuff has actually been around for a while but it's a great seller, especially state-side. With the right technique and some good copy, this could be a very profitable venture for someone.
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    That stuff is illegal in Australia, and if you're only getting fined $50 for a red light infringement you can count yourself lucky.
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    Oooo nice. Going to add this to my niche list. I wonder how this converts. No speed cameras here in MA yet, but I'm sure they will arrive at some point. Lucky us lol
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    Good idea. I've written quite a few newspaper articles about red light cameras or photo enforcement. There's plenty of room in this niche.
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    • Profile picture of the author rite
      great niche! thank you for the share will research this this week
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    There is a simple solution to this problem, and it doesn't cost anything. Don't run red lights, and don't speed. That way you don't have to worry about it.

    Of course, that isn't going to make you any web site profits.

    Tim Pears

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  • Profile picture of the author John Romaine
    Encouraging people to actually use this stuff to evade being caught running red lights is pretty ordinary. And whats worse, is that in a sense, you're encouraging others to cash in on it.

    C'mon dude, you know I think you're a top guy, but running red lights isnt cool.

    People are killed, families devestated, and lives affected big time.

    Think you should seriously reconsider this thread.

    Have you ever seen anyone die on the side of the road?

    I have, it was horrible.

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  • Profile picture of the author sscot
    Why warrior forum doesn't have an "HATE" button? This thread gives a bad motivation for illegal, and also unethical activities.

    Road safely isn't for government, it's for your life.

    Do you know the value of human life?, And would you like to get the responsibility of death, it happens because high speed guy who uses these sprays and other tricks?

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  • Profile picture of the author allenjohn
    Huge opportunity? It's illegal and just for the hell of it, I did the market research and it didn't pass my benchmark. Move along there please (nice and slowly, no jumping red lights, no speeding please, think of the kiddies in the next car and old ladies crossing the road...)

    All the very best, Allen

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