WAR ROOM: When did you join or plan to join?

by ciel
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Hello Warriors,

Before the main question, for those who haven't still upgraded to WAR ROOM (including me but I will tell you more about it later in my post below).

WAR ROOM is probably the best investment any Internet marketer can make, why? Read more by clicking the link below.


Just make sure you set up your own plan of action & work on it. You just can't succeed by thinking this or that.

Now back to the question, when did you join the WAR ROOM? OR When do you plan to join it? What was your reason of joining it? OR What are you waiting for?

I already have my plan of action & when I will have time, I can learn a lot from WAR ROOM membership so should I upgrade now or wait for some more time? I have been in IM for years but Warrior for just two months so I thought of getting familiar here & upgrade later (probably after 100 posts) which now I have

Just can't wait to upgrade but need to hear your thoughts on WAR ROOM as well.

Lots of love.
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    Joined several years ago but wasn't in a place where I understood what it was all about. I have learned quite a lot since becoming more active and plan to keep learning more through this forum.

    The important thing to remember when joining a forum is that you only get out of it what you put into it in terms of time and participation.
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    I joined the War Room since the beginning and built a company with 16 employees based on ONE idea from the War Room (thank you Chris Rempel). I was just in there the other day and I easily came up with a several ideas for starting whole new businesses.

    The one main gripe I have about the War Room is that it simply has TOO MUCH good stuff in there, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. So having a strong focus and work ethic is a must.

    The War Room is NOT for tire kickers, nor for those who hop from one thing to the next shiny "new" thing.

    I've only given about a dozen testimonials for IM products / memberships since 1999 and this is one that I give wholeheartedly. It's that good.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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      Just upgraded & hope to have some time soon to learn & implement something new from WAR ROOM.

      FYI whether you have years of experience or just starting out in IM, there is something for everyone in the WAR ROOM.


      Take Action To Succeed In IM

      PM Me For Any Advice OR Help!


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    I will join the War Room today..Heard lots of great stuff bout it!
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    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    Without a doubt you will get value from it. Just do it.

    I joined the war room yesterday.. (birthday present)...

    I have to say Chris is right, it is worth far more then what the current price is. My first impression was WOW...
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    I have been a war room member and you can't beat the price. Its worth alot more than the cost of joining. I don't think I ever heard anything from anyone that was negative. You will end up saving alot of money because so much is given away for free there. Many warriors will test their wso there to get testimonials before charging for it in the rest of the community.
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    I joined yesterday LOL

    Really glad I made that step

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    I am planning to join on Monday if the other half allows me to as I now have a ton of extra free time as I have torn the vulna plate in my PIP joint in my hand last night and am having surgery in the week so hopefully I will be able to have laptop in hospital :-)
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      I've considered it many times and the only reason that I haven't joined so far is because of time. I get a lot of benefit from browsing the free forums, but I spend too much time doing that. If I joined the war room I know that it would take even more time up when I should be working on my sites, though that not make sense to some.

      However, I am gradually cutting back the hours in my day job starting from next week and will have more time to check it out. I'll probably be like a kid in a sweet shop then.
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    I joined the War Room around a month and a half ago. Before you join I would suggest taking some time to look over all of the free information available. Think about your plan. The War Room is much more useful to those that understand the basics.

    That being said, War Room is a much better investment than any WSO I've purchased just because of how much content there is there! Not to mention you get tons of PM space, which was one of my main reasons for upgrading.
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    Joined about ten minutes after I became a free member - never regretted it - the content in it is worth MANY MANY times the one off fee.
    If what I said helps, let me know, throw me a 'thanks'.
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    I havent joined war room yet for no specific reason,may be because Im not sure what it offers and what exactly Im going to get from it.May be I will,if I feel it would help my business.But I dont think in the next 2-3 months Im going to be there.
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      Joined awhile back.
      The war room provides a wealth of information and strategy's to help with IM. Anyone can use the information in the war room to make money. If you need help with Amazon, the War Room contains it. Need help building backlinks the information is in there.
      Take action by implementing the available resources that are available in the war room. The information comes from other warriors. The warriors already spent the time and energy to make money online. I would personally recommend this over buying multiple WSO's.
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      • You will get many times your investment back. Take time to go back through the archives. Lots of gold in there.
        Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
        - Jack Trout
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        Delayed fo some while, but eventually joined up a few weeks ago.

        Worth every penny.
        Now where did I put that pencil?

        Time for a cuppa.
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    I am becoming more involved with Warrior Forum, buying more SEO services and ebooks - so I'll probably join the War Room very soon.
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    After reading this, I'm on the brink of joining..!!!


    Learning Fast Right Here :)

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    I joined at about a week after I joined WF. It has good information there and it is just stupid not to join
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    I plan on joining next week. I think I've still got to learn the WF ropes a little more first.
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