Someday I may have to..

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But I sure don't want to! Ever have to make a "typical squeeze page"

I'm taking a work break and checking email, which led me down offer alley of course. I'm looking briefly at some, more in depth at others. Besides filing away the ones I may want to look at *waves her arm to some far off point* well down the road, I'm also kind of doing research. Exploring tactics and products I won't be using or selling for a while.

One thing always sticks out, one thought I have every single time, no matter how well done..

I Hate squeeze pages. I didn't use to have a name for them, and I hated the very first one I ever saw, on first sight.

I try to look past the rinse and repeat formats, the checkmarks and arrows and slashed out, dropping prices which are almost always $97 slashed to $47 and try to leave the page twice? get it for $37!! *chuckle*

The one thing I can't get over is the width, and length. You are, literally, squeezed, and it's not comfortable :p The pages are miles and miles long, and no one reads that much, and I think it's done on purpose! *laugh*

all I know is with my a.d.d I never get all the way through in one sitting.

I don't think I could put one of those pages out. I can't put out something I couldn't easily get through myself, it's going to have to be Digestible!

heck it occurs to me the pages i'm referring to might not be squeeze pages at all.. i just kinda put 2 & 2 together since I'm not focused on learning that part of it yet. heh!

ok *takes a deep breath*

back to work! (new step in my first project tonight. i may be up til 3 again.)
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    Jenny Sweets,

    Pretty sure you're referring to sales pages. Squeeze pages don't sell anything and serve only one purpose: to capture an e-mail address. They are usually very short, most without a scrollbar at all.

    As far as your aversion to sales pages goes, I can understand that. With video and fancier graphics, the typical sales page is getting a bit of a make over these days, and some are getting shorter in length.

    But the fact of the matter is, the format works, and works very well, and you'd be doing your career in IM a disservice to ignore the methods that work to make you money.

    The slashing prices works, the bullet points and check marks work, and a long letter with nowhere to go except further down the letter also works to make sales.

    One of the most important things you can do as a marketer is separate your preferences from those of your market.

    If I had met the developers of the Snuggie while it was still a prototype, I would have laughed in the guys' faces. And a short while later, they'd laugh in mine!

    Never under estimate what people will buy. It'll serve you well. Good luck with your work!
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    I agree with what bambi said 100%.

    You may not think it, but these annoying sales pages do rake in sales.

    All the best,
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      Squeeze pages rock...hands down. But you're right about "typical". Doing anything typical will only yield typical results.
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