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This is for those who either outsource to others or who outsource themselves:

Any rule of thumb you go by when considering who you'll work for or who you'd consider doing work for you? This is prompted by a trip to the "Members looking to hire you" sub-forum, though its a broader topic and goes beyond the Warrior forum (while including Warriors as well), and why I paused, and decided against, replying to an offer from someone based pretty much on their single digit (less than 3) post count combined with the vagueness of their request.

My first day here I did (along with several other Warriors) work for another member, and without any hesitation at all: he had a healthy post count, and was pretty specific on what he wanted. That led to two more jobs and I found the results of the exchange very satisfactory. That's even under-stating it.

I suppose even in being pretty new I still have - whether its grounded in anything concrete or not, and whether or not its leading to missed opportunities here or elsewhere - some sense of what's worth pursuing, and what isn't. Yet I ask the question anyway because there are others who have experience on both sides of the issue (whether on one side of it or both), and who I'm hoping might spell out some rules of thumb they've learned from experience for those of us too new to be well equipped with wading through those waters.

I can muddle my way through regardless, but some kind of beacon would definitely be an asset.
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