Something Weird Is Happening...

by Tracy Yates 10 replies
Okay, so after I posted a WSO for a new membership site( link to WSO is in sig tag for the new membership site ), I have yet to get one "completed" sign up.

The back story behind the "completed" sign up part is that the new membership site is run using a WordPress blog, and so the sign up is a 2 parter....1) New member registers on the blog for free....2) New member logs in and completes paid subscription sign up via PayPal

Getting the free portion of the sign up process isn't the weird part. That was expected frankly.

The weird part is that after someone signs up for a free account and they don't follow through with the paid sign up process, I immediately receive notification of a new monthly membership sign up through my other, older membership site( again, listed on the bottom line of my sig tag below ).

I checked the emails cross-referencing to be sure that the emails don't match for the free WP blog sign up portion and the paid membership subscription to the old membership site(which has nothing to do with the new membership site by the way), and they don't match.

Is this just a strange coincidence, or is there some sort of miscommunication as far as the sign up process for the new WP blog membership site goes?

I tried to lay everything out instructional wise so that there wouldn't be any complications, but this is just getting me to the point where I'm beginning to wonder.

What are your thoughts?

Any insight would be great.

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