Ramping Up Your Profits In 2009 By Getting Back To The Basics...

by BIG Mike Banned
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    Great post Mike.

    One of the most important elements to building
    a successful online business is knowing exactly
    what you want to happen at each and every stage
    of the sales process.

    Lots of people's businesses evolve in a "piecemeal"
    way without any real planning and without any
    proper testing and tracking.

    The more you understand your entire sales process,
    the more opportunities you have to optimise your
    conversion of prospects into subscribers and your
    subscribers into customers.

    John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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    Super post Mike.

    There's a lot of people who are trying all the new things when it's really the old tried and true methods that they should be doing.

    Not that the new stuff shouldn't be tired, but you should master the basics first - and really, it's the simple things that will make you successful in this business.

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  • Profile picture of the author Bev Clement
    Mike have you been at the ouzo again, you promised not to tell them about the real way to make money online.

    What I find amusing is the attitude of many, can I charge $97 because I think people might be dumb enough to pay it. (OK, that is the Bev version of what they say)


    p.s I know what the product is Mike is selling :p

    P.P.S I haven't unzipped it yet but can guess it is great
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    • Profile picture of the author John Rogers
      Originally Posted by Bev Clement View Post

      p.s I know what the product is Mike is selling :p

      P.P.S I haven't unzipped it yet but can guess it is great
      I finally got around to installing it this evening.


      Me like!

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  • Profile picture of the author Nigel Greaves
    Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

    Fourteen hours and some minutes ago, I sat down with my buddy Diego and wrote up a an email to offer a new product to a highly targeted list of 456 existing customers. I did that specifically to provide numbers for this post to demonstrate how even an off the cuff email can do amazing things with a well-groomed list.

    As one of those 456 I can tell anyone who has yet to benefit from their products that Big Mike and Diego actually do everything that Mike's posted here. I've purchased many things from them and I've never had anything less than first class products and outstanding service.

    Thanks guys, as your customer I really appreciate your efforts.

    How you do it while consuming so much Amstel is beyond me

    Happy New Year!

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  • Profile picture of the author ironkop
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your post!! Whether its IM, football, playing a musical instrument or WHATEVER....
    The fundamentals are crucial!!
    thanks so much for bringing this critical message home
    Kevin Pritchett
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    • Profile picture of the author yesacpow
      Wonderful post Mike,

      As the new year approaches so will my business plans change and evolve for the better. I will indeed make use of the information you laid out here.

      Thanks Much

      Happy New Year Everyone
      FREE Step-By-Step Blueprint To Make $1000/Month With YouTube - Even Without Being On Camera!
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  • Profile picture of the author Ken Leatherman
    I'm like Nigel and Bev I have benefited from Big Mikes products. But most of all I have learned how to build a business following Mike's advice.

    What he posted above is precisely what he has been pounding into my head over the last 18 months. And trust me for an Old Geezer like me he has had to do a lot of pounding and still does. :p

    Mike wrote:
    The key to doing this successfully is to treat that list like solid gold, continually over delivering and not being greedy. Consider that once the product is created and once the sales process is set up, it costs you nothing from that point forward no matter how many copies you sell. So while you may not be earning $97 per sale, you'll be making up the difference in volume easily enough without doing any extra work.

    If you avoid the "one chance at the consumer mentality" in managing your customer base, your lifetime customer value numbers will skyrocket. And that is where the real money if you're in this for a long-term sustainable business where you're not continually trying to just pull in new customers, but generating massive profits from existing customers
    Mike you could not have given better advice for anyone looking to build a online business or for that matter offline.

    Please you new folks that have been going for the fast buck and the big kill take some time and possibly reevaluate your business plan. Once I started implementing what Big Mike was trying to teach me I began to see results.

    Did it happen overnight? No. Was it without work on my part? No. Do I still have to work at it every day? Yes. But it's been automated, so that I know every single day, without a doubt, my customers will get what they paid for. Again thanks to Big Mike and Diego's flagship EZCM.

    Now there are 2 things that are very present in Big Mike's post, but you have to read between the lines to benefit from it. I believe the majority of the experienced Warrior's will pick it up, but many of the less experienced may miss it.

    Each of the steps covered in the OP require:

    • Focus
    • Patience
    Mike thanks for a really good post.

    P.S. Mike leave the Amstel alone and get back to work
    P.S.S. I can confirm Kevin Riley flies to Greece twice a week, too humbly bow over Big Mike sleeping in the gutter, as he knows true greatness when he sees it.
    The Old Geezer

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    So Check Out My WSO
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    • Profile picture of the author John Rogers
      Excellent advice, Mike.

      I'll add a couple of suggestions for those who may be new to this, or who are struggling.

      1. Do you know what the acronym AIDA is? If not, that's a good indicator that you should invest some time in your own marketing education. Find a basic marketing book, something like Marketing for Dummies, and start reading. I guarantee the lights in your brain will start switching on. Start applying basic marketing principles to what you're doing and notice the improvement in your results.

      2. Reread Mike's post, and take a look at the Incansoft catalog. Incansoft | Experience The Difference Today!
      The products there were each designed to fulfill a specific demand in the marketplace. Think about the competing products. RSSBot is a good example. There are a lot of competing products. Some are free, some aren't. RSSBot was designed to do a better job than the competing products, and at a reasonable price. The sales volume at the low price will be higher than the sales volume at a higher price. This creates more customers. Make them happy, and they are likely to purchase more of your products. In the long run, keeping the price low and opting for the larger customer base will generate more profits. (if you make your customers happy) That's the smart way to build a business that will take care of you for many years to come.

      Happy New Year, Warriors! I wish everyone a prosperous 2009.

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      • Profile picture of the author Nightengale
        Good info!

        As an example...

        I generally have one "throwaway" e-mail address I use to sign up for all kinds of things, including e-zines, offers which require an opt-in for access, etc. I guard my "real" e-mail address very carefully. But I do use it for a few marketers I've known and have bought from for a long time. It's just a handful of people, but they are marketers I respect, admire and trust. They have never spammed me or constantly come to me hyping the latest and greatest new products. (Not that they're not selling something, but the pitch is usually just an add-on to great information.)

        Case in point: I've been a customer/student/subscriber of Paul Hartunian's for several years now. I bought his publicity kit way before I ever heard of the Warrior Forum. His info is top-notch and he's always treated me as his customer and subscriber with respect -- which means he isn't constantly pitching stuff for the sake of pitching. (He rants and raves about how we're not using publicity like we should, but I allow him this eccentricity. )

        So when he shot out an e-mail about how we needed to check out this new DVD he'd seen and had bought the rights to (the 30K in 30 Days DVD), I bought instantly. Quite honestly, the title and sales page was soooo "hypey" that if I had stumbled across it on my own, I probably would never have bought. My B.S. detector is always in overdrive on the 'Net. (And Paul warned us of this, but told us to ignore the hyped-up headline and assured us it was top-notch info.) And he was upfront that he was selling it to us (i.e. he'd bought the rights and was making a profit on this sale). So I bought primarily based on his recommendation. I would never have bought otherwise since the title had my B.S. dectectors warning bells in overdrive.

        I wasn't disappointed and I was thoroughly impressed with the DVD. In fact, I rate it was one of the single best info products I've ever bought. (I was less than thrilled with the results of my attempt to do it though. )

        Not once have I ever been disappointed by a recommendation to buy by Paul. Not once. I trust his advice implicitly. Not to say I do everything he says or agree with him all the time. I take what applies to me at that point in time. But I've never regretted the advice I've gotten from him that I've acted on, bought because of, etc.

        It's rare to find that kind of marketer. (And I only trusted him and HIS hyped-up sales letter because Dan Kennedy endorsed him... )

        From the customer/subscriber perspective, that tells me that's it's possible to build a very loyal base of customers/subscribers and turn them into raving fans.

        I have 5 different marketers I follow religiously, buy from consistently and trust implicitly. Everybody else goes into my "throwaway" e-mail inbox to be dealt with if/when I have the time. Most of the time, those e-mails get deleted.

        The 5 marketers I recommend and follow:

        1. Dan Kennedy -- DanKennedy.com
        2. Paul Hartunian -- Hartunian.com
        3. Marcia Yudkin -- Yudkin.com
        4. Joan Stewart -- PublicityHound.com
        5. Alexandria Brown -- EzineQueen.com

        "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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  • Profile picture of the author moneymayhem1
    thank for the advice mike
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  • Profile picture of the author Sid Kaplan
    Having had the good fortune to be a student of BigMike, I can tell you that he walks his talk to the point of being an evangelist about it.

    Whenever I depart from his direction I end up in the proverbial "sink hole". When I listen, I get rewarded beyond expectation.

    Mike is a master marketeer and seems to understand customers on a "genetic" level. He and Diego consistently under promise and over deliver which really is the core of his post.

    My New Year resolution is to follow Big Mike's advice with religious conviction!!

    (If Ken Leatherman can do this at his age we all can...lol)

    May 2009 Be Your Best Year Yet!

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    • Profile picture of the author Dean Shainin
      I had to print this one out.

      Simple yet powerful.

      Why I complicate things sometimes I have no idea?

      Maybe it's to get back to the basics.

      I too was once a student of BigMike and he was there when I was ready to give up when one of my family members passed on. One day not long after giving me a pep talk and telling me to try to find my niche Mike said to me, "Looks like you finally found your niche brother". That's all I needed to here when I was so green and a total newbie. Within a couple of months after the comment I had my first $2,000 day.

      Thanks again BigMike!

      Cheers & Happy New Year,

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  • Profile picture of the author mbrown

    Great post and pretty dead on with the list. While some new stuff is good in moderation you can't get past the basics of business and that creeps over into any business whether online or offline.

    Pretty smart for being the "drunken" greek or is that where the intelligence comes from?

    P.S. It is true about Riley worshiping the gutter but I think it's not just your gutter but one of those really dirty gutters littered with carcasses of dead rodents and various other trash
    Free - Create a Site That Will Make You Money - Today - Click Here.

    Michael S Brown
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