Is affiliate marketing the best way to make money?

by beccol
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I met a friend of mine recently and we got chatting about the best way to make money.

I told him that I was looking into affiliate marketing and stated the business model was appealing once the effort was put it.

He them, to my suprise, told me he has been investing in the stock market after doing a course that was about $3000. After about 6 months later he said he was not making about $1000.

Don't get me wrong I will still be sticking with affiliate marketing but it got me thinking and wanted to know your thoughts.

Is affiliate marketing the best way to make money and why?:confused:
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    There's no 'one size fits all' making money strategy. Different people are better at different things. And there's literally millions of different ways to make money.

    As far as the stock market goes, sure you can make money there if you have money to invest. It's a lot riskier than affiliate marketing or online marketing though considering the investment. I think one of the most appealing things about online marketing is that you can get started with little to no investment.

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    There is no BEST way for anything for a general group of people. The best way to make money is the best you personally can do it.

    Just like one IMer may say I blog and make $10k a month. Well that's the best for that type of person. Another may say I make $10k a month creating products. Well thats the best for that type of person.

    However you go about making your extra income is directly related to the type of person you are.

    Your friend may just be good at stocks. Find what works and stick with it.

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    You can make great money as an affiliate with the right products and company. I have found the key is promoting something you personally like and not necessarily the product that pays you the most per sale.

    If you have a passion and interest in something, that shows in what you do to promote the product or service.
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