How do I boost traffic right out of the gate?

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Hey, I'm new to the warrior forum and new to the Internet marketing arena as well. The most I have done is a bunch of reading on different methods people have used.

My reason for this post is that I am in the final stages of creating my own eBook and I want to be able to send a ton of traffic towards it in a short amount of time. I have noticed some sites such as www dead beat super and noticed that it came right out of the gate and jumped up to around 250K visitors in one month and then averaged around 25K visitors per month after that.

Does anyone know how the site could achieve that in a short amount of time?

Has anyone else had those types of results?

I'm looking to launch my site and get the most amount of visitors possible.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer
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    You should list your ebook on Clickbank, then get an army of affiliates to promote it. You will find a surge of huge traffic come your way suddenly, I assure you!
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    Write a good keyword optimized article and then submit it to Ezinearticles. If you also write an effective resource box, it can direct traffic to your website very quickly and effectively. And the cost is right (ie zero!). Good luck!
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    Rapbank is another option besides Clickbank you can also try Payspree.

    There are so many products in the Clickbank marketplace yours could get lost but it definitely does have the best return on investment if afiliates can find it and promote it for you.

    Tip: Try you can submit it to them for about 5 bucks and the ebooks are getting a ton of views. Make sure you read their guidelines before submitting your ebook first so it gets approved. You can make a free version that can have an option to buy the paid version anyway it is a good source of traffic.

    Good luck!
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      You can try using Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.
      Check keyword prices and select a low budget for each click.

      I have tried this in the past to generate some initial traffic and has worked for me.

      Again, the key here is budget. It does cost some money so it is important to do some keyword research before hand.

      Best of luck.

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    The way those products get thousands of visits initially is because the creator pre-promotes it to other affilies and thier huge lists.

    Find a way to catch the eye of people with lists of 10k+ subscribers and you can have stats like that too.
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    I believe that Mike516 is correct it is about the relationship the developer has with the JV partners and affiliates. If you have a list already that you can cross promote it would be faster to catch their attention. If you do not have a list you are going to have to get creative.
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    JV's and PPC

    nothing to see here.

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    Yep, this site had most of his visitors thanks to email marketing.

    I believe this is the case for many new IM products, no ?
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    get your site set for seo, so you can build the traffic organically and then have an email list. It might not all be immediate, but it could be quick.

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    Google Adwords
    Facebook PPC
    Joint Ventures
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    Thank you all for all of the replies, I'm glad to get all of the responses and I think I can develop a nice strategy from your replies.
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    I would say the best way is defiantly from finding people to promote it to their list(s). They from there if that doesn't convert as well as you would like then I would mess around with Facebook Ads and see what happens just test some different things out.

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    Thanks, I actually have some free google adwords, yahoo/bing, and facebook ad money from my hosting account so I will use all of that.
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      you should ask other warriors to help with that if your new, otherwise you will just waste your ad credits
      if you want you can guest post on my blog and promote yourself
      pm me if your interested
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