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I am posting here in hopes of finding a quick solution to my problem.

I have a client that wants to have an email form on her Wordpress Contact Us page. Is there a script that I can use to have her visitors email her right from her website?

She's not looking to increase a subscriber base or list for an optin and doesnt need an autoresponder. I dont want a pop-up or opt in form. I just want to be able to have the visitor fill out custom fields and then push a 'send now' button and have it automatically send to her personal email address right from the wordpress contact us page.

She needs custom fields like name, email, phone number, childs name, age of child, years of experience, comments and questions..etc. Then the answers and questions would be automatically sent to her email just as soon as someone submitted them.

Is there anything simple (hopefully free) that I can use for this?

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