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How do you personally go and find it? As a webmaster, what is your first step when you need some unique content written for your site? What sites do you browse? What terms do you put into Google search? Do you prefer individuals or groups of writers?

The more information, the better.
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    Personally I have my content written for me. I know several writers. I tell them what I want, and they even know how to SEO the articles for maximum "bang for your buck"!

    After I have the article written, and I approve it, I have them rewrite it two times. This way I have 3 unique versions of the same article, that are not duplicate content! That's just my way of doing it though.
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    90% of the time, I write my own content. However, if I am in need of content being written, I check out the Warriors for Hire section here or
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    I always write it myself that way I know it is good quality and 100% unique and it offers value to my blog readers.
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    I think there are a few things you can do: 1) modify PLR 2)write your own stuff 3) Engage a ghostwriter 4) check sites like Odesk, fiverr etc. 5) a combo of all of these.

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    Originally Posted by Kyle Stankiewicz View Post

    As a webmaster, what is your first step when you need some unique content written for your site?
    I start writing. :rolleyes:
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    There are plenty of content writers you can find here on Warrior Forum. Basically you cut and paste a few sentences into google with "s and nothing should come up. Also use Copyscape Plagiarism Checker - Duplicate Content Detection Software
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    I browse forums and other blogs relating to my niche to brainstorm, then I just start writing from there. It's really not that hard to write for yourself once ideas start flowing through your head. If you don't like type I recommend investing in a voice to text program from nuance.
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    I can't write to save my life. I outsource the writing. The only downside is waiting for the content. I found 2 new products I want to promote. I just bought the domains and sent an email to my main writer to have him write some content. It will take him 1-3 days to return my email with the content because he is so busy. So, I'll start laying the websites out tonight (install wordpress, install themes, add plugins, etc) so the only thing I'll need to do is add the content after I receive his reply email.

    I've attempted to write my own content many times. I just don't have what it takes to write. It's the one skill I wish I had. Life would be much easier for me if I could write my own content.

    Fortunately there are outsourcers willing to help

    Nothing to see here folks.....move along.

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    You don't really go looking for unique content. If it posted somewhere else then it's not unique. I spin plr cotent,write my own or uwualy I'll just outsource for $3 per article. Sorry for formatting. iPad post.

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    I write most of my own content but I also hire writers to handle writing for my own sites from time to time, either because I have a lot of clients or I just want some variety in writing styles.
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    Sometimes I browse other sites like mine through Google search but most of the time I write my own unique content for better search engine rankings.
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    Get in the habit of writing your own content, bro. Write like 5 articles a day, and time
    yourself. The articles don't need to be perfect.

    What I have found is that I write my articles -- 15 minutes max per article --

    Link to an extremely good squeeze page. After the people sign up, give them a bonus on the
    thank you page. Say something like, "Don't screw this up," to grab their attention. Briefly
    mention your affiliate product at the bottom. Let the subscriber know that you have got
    their back -- then tell them to check their email for their free book / gift.
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      If it's for your blog - I like to set Google Alerts for my keywords. Let's say my topic is Social Media. So I set some GA's and then I check out what others are saying... often it's in the mainstream media. I grab a quote (reference the source of course), and comment on that quote - giving my viewpoint.

      Goes pretty quick and it keeps my blog relevant to current events. Also if you're quoteing/referencing USA Today or something, you get some traction by linking to their posts.

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    For me its hard enough to get time to write those unique content and this is why I take help of spinning software.Although I need to do some manual job on the spun article to make it unique and understandable for the readers.
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      I started out making money online by writing for other people and companies, and while I did it well (I have a double major in English and History), I did get burned out on it after a while because for two years I was flooded with work and doing 12 hour days and more easily. Once I started making my own websites to earn money, the last thing I wanted to do was write the content AND do the design and promotion!

      Still, when I started, I was low on funds, so I pushed through and wrote my own content anyway. It was tedious, but I knew what I was putting on my sites was good. When I finally started to look at outsourcing, I went through a LOT of writers on various freelancing websites before I found two that I could rely on to produce work ALMOST as good as I'd write myself, who could follow directions, who were dependable, whose work required little to no editing when I received it, and whose prices were within my budget.

      I found both of those writers here on the Warrior Forum, and I use the heck out of them now. I still write some of my own content, such as sales letters and eBooks, but for articles for a website where I'm running Adsense or promoting products as an affiliate, or for articles I may be putting on an article directory or Squidoo or something like that, I rely on these two writers, and it's freed up SO much time for me to focus on other areas of my business. It's wonderful!
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    I am writing right now and using a PLR article as the base but I rewrite every word and add my own thoughts and insights. I used the PLR just now because I have something of a writer's block. When the ideas are flowing just sit down and write.
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