How to promote clickbank products using videos ??

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Dear Warriors.

How do you promote clickbank products / CPA products using videos ?
what kind of videos are you using or creating ??

Thanks in advance for the replies.


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    You can create quite good preselling videos in windows movie maker and if they get 1st page results in YT search they you will get clickthroughs. Best used in combination with a website though.

    YT is the second biggest search engine. Lots of potential.
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    You should buy domains redirecting to your affiliate links.
    It is so good if you can create videos by yourself or you can hire someone create them for you.
    Upload the videos to Youtube, send traffic to them or using traffic exchange to increase the views of your videos.
    Hope this help.
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    Hi Mates, Thanks for the replies. Sorry if i wasn't so clear or specific with my question? How to create those videos? using slides / pictures? what kind of contents to put in the slides?

    what types of contents to put in those videos ?

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      I use free software called CamStudio to record from my computer screen.

      So a good idea would be to film yourself giving a live demonstration of the product (if it is a digital one) and talking through it on the video.

      Or if you dont have a copy of the product, you could go to the official sales page and talk through the product and the ordering process. Click on the order button and give instructions on how to buy the product, mention the protection of the money back guarantee.

      I have heard that recording yourself actually buying the product (editing out your credit card number ofcourse) can work very well, although have not tried it myself.

      Another option would be to create a powerpoint slide show giving a picture of the product graphics along with bullet points appearing highlighting the main aspects of the product and record the running of the slideshow with CamStudio.

      Then get that video on your site and try to get the video itself ranked highly on Google as well, which should be easy to do by sending it a few backlinks.

      I put a link back to my site in the youtube video description. Along with a good 450 word or so description including the keywords you want to rank for. Put loads of related product keywords tags in and include the main keywords in the video title itself as well.

      Should hopefully work out quite well!
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        It's difficult to say what makes a video successful - I've got one video with nearly 50,000 views and another, very similar with only 300 views - leads me to believe it's not the video content at all, but the title and keywords. Not a great surprise there!

        I use PowerPoint and save each slide as an image - import into Movie Maker - add an MP3 bcakground - either music or an audio article - subtitle with your website URL.

        Last slide (can be done in PowerPoint as well) - call to action - image of free gift, the product you're promoting etc - tell them to click on the link to find out more etc.

        Cheers for now.
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    The easiest method is to create some images in Photoshop or similar. And then using Movie-Maker, import these images putting them one after the other on the time line. Have, say a 10 sec delay between images. Convert this into a movie.

    You then upload it to YouTube and once uploaded you can add appropriate music.
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    I do this for some of my sales. I create a video with a basic overview of the product and a bit of a sales message. Camtasia is great for this.

    I own a website.

    For each affiliate program, for example the "socks" affiliate program. I'll post a link ( right at the beginning of the YouTube description and have it auto-redirect to my hoplink on the actual sales page.

    I've also seen a method that's similar to the one above. Except instead of auto-redirecting, they use a lead capture form in the middle. Basically the person clicks the link from the video, then goes to a landing/lead capture page, enters their info, and then goes to the hoplinked sales page.

    That email is then marketed to. I'd suggest a program like Aweber. It will auto-send pre-defined sales messages every few days or however often you set it. It should increase your conversions.

    I am SEO.

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    I would definitely use your videos as a pre sell and don't put a link directly to the clickbank product. IMHO, it is hard to sell al clickbank product on you tube unless you link to a website that has your link on it.
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    Hey infomillionaire,
    YT is most powerful search engine! You have to make subject oriented video! It totally depend on your promotion item! you can use Windows movie maker Or Youtube has it own video creator is also nice! You can make slide video easily on it! Make slide video Optimize and post! Then get auto traffic! Must put your product link on description!
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    You can use a screen caputre like Camstasia Studio
    a free option for that would be hyper cam

    Create a powerpoint presentation about the product
    and start recording the diapositives

    You can make it looks more professional by adding
    a royality free professional sound, you can find tons of those sounds,
    instrumentals, music in

    Will Design your Info Product Business for you


    Text me.

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    You can use simple steps..

    1.) Qualify them with couple of lines to pique their interest..
    2.) Tell them what's the solution (Your offer)
    3.) Call to action (Click the link in the description) ...
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