Google Reader Adds Friends List, Sharing, Bookmarking and Blog Recommendation Engine

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Google Reader adds a friends list, many social features like bookmarking, RSS feed item sharing, comments on blog posts and a blog recommendation engine based on your friends feeds and what you have in Google Reader.

Google Reader Adds Friends List, Sharing, Bookmarking and Blog Recommendation Engine

I have to say, Scoble predicted this in 2006 and I forgot to give him credit so I added it to the comments.


Chris Lang

P.S. I did look back thru the threads for the last 3 days and did not see a post covering this, I believe this is the first.
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    Blatant self promotion. I'm cool with it. Or at least I would be if I knew what the heck Google Reader is. Would you mind posting a short description of what this thing is and why we should pay attention to it? Thanks.
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      I have not been on WF in a while, way too busy with this Google stuff.

      To answer your question, Google Reader is Google's RSS reader. It is part of your Google account. Just go to Google, click the more link at the top and then click reader.

      This will take you to Google reader where you can add RSS feeds.

      The link is if you want to take another shortcut.

      If you want to try out the short cut to this option, go to my blog in the link in the original WF post and on the right hand side of the page in the sidebar, click "add to Google" and you will be taken to a page that gives you the choice of adding the feed to iGoogle or Google Reader.

      Select the Google Reader link and it will add the feed to Google Reader. You will have to be logged into your Google account. Even a Gmail account will be fine. Now you are in Google Reader and it will add the feed to the blogs you are following thru RSS.

      Look at the screen shots in my article and it will show you how to add friends and create your Google profile. The easiest way to get to your Google profile or create one is to click my link to my Google profile and in the top right hand set of links it will say "My Profile" right next to your Gmail address. You will have to be logged into your Gmail or Google account.

      Here is a shortcut to my profile.

      Chris Lang - Google Profile

      Just look at the screen shots and you can see where in Google Reader each option is. To see the Google blog recommendation engine, click the home link at the top of the Google Reader left hand navigation.

      After you have added friends to your Google Reader you can click the home link again and see Google recommendations for blog feeds based on what your friends are subscribing to in their Google Readers.

      It took me hours to go thru Reader and see what I screen shotted and a total of 10 hours to write that article. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask them here.

      I am a social bookmarking expert and this is my interest and passion.

      I just got off the phone with my SEO god and he assures me that I am correct and that this is the new SEO. The links to blogs and your Google Reader favorites are fully followed, linking both to the domain and the permalink of the blog post.

      When you get to adding friends to your Google Reader, you can add chrislang [at] and you will be able to see my shared items from the feed I read. Just replace the [at] with @ and remove the spaces. Trying to avoid spam bots here rather than embedding a clickable email address.

      This is very powerful information and will be the new strategy for getting traffic to your blog, RSS subscribers and Google rankings.

      I have a question though, how do I add friends on WF. I am real tired after writing this article all nite and don't see how to add you in your profile.

      Chris Lang

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