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by bigg01
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hello fellow warriors.

i was thinking to start a new niche which has 9.900 exact searches, has available exact match keyword domain (with hyphens and .net) and according to traffictravis relatively easy competition. but the first page on google comes up amazon, with 234K backlinks to the site and 0 PR. is it possible to top that? would you suggest to go for it? it is low sales price niche, I'm really not sure if i should do that, any suggestions?
thanks for your time. any suggestion will be highly appreciated.
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    You can beat an individual page on a high ranking authority site. If Google didn't take that into account then websites like wikipedia, Amazon and Microsoft would dominate the SERPS and make Google a less effective search engine.

    Amazon will rank well for the brand name but not so well for longer phrases. This is because Amazon doesn't optimize pages for search terms such as:

    Is Product X better than Product Y
    Product X a rip off
    Cheap Product X
    Product X review
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    dude, go for it. amazon can be outranked easily like he was saying..
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    Sounds like a decent target, of course the quality of #1's links can be a big factor if they are legit relevant links from important sites you will have a tougher time matching them.
    A couple of Google reps have mentioned thet are "reviewing" the disproportioned advantage some exact kw domains get.
    One SEO pro was describing how google uses multi hyphen domain names as a benchmark for their junk site filters, if a lot of hyphen names come up they know they are getting the lower quality sites, although it's generally thought that hyphen names technically speaking match the same as no hyphen.
    Apparently more than one hyphen harrns the domain's value.

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    Go for it. You can definitely beat Amazon. And target is also decent.
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    thank you guys. I wasn't really sure about that amazon, but I read somewhere, that Amazon on #1 position can be good sign for your keyword in terms of easy competition. but wasn't sure, if that was right. i will try it out and we'll see.
    it looks like i have to be careful about those hyphens, though. you never know...
    thanks again
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    the results which show exact match ... never to think of that only think of 4-5% of it....
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    Your hyphens in the domain make this a non-match. You won't get the extra bump from Google. It just takes longer to rank with this domain. Yes, you can beat Amazon, however may take months of link building. I've done this many times. Make sure it's worth the effort.
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