Outsourcing Article Writing for Affiliate Marketing

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Hey everyone. I'm an affiliate marketer but I really dont like writing a lot of content...I enjoy designing the websites & the ad copy for landing pages....I just aint that hot on writing articles.

My question is: Has anybody used Freelancer.com to outsource article writing for affiliate marketing? If so, what was your experience and would you recommend it to a marketer who does not want to write much?
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    You can find a lot of good writers in the Warriors for Hire section.

    No matter where you hire a writer from, though, always be specific in what you want as far as word count, keyword placement, and style of writing.

    It's a good idea to only order one article at first to see if the writing is going to work for you. Then you can place a bulk order once you know you're happy with the writer.
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    I've found good writers and bad writers on freelancer.com

    I would suggest starting with small test projects to weed out the bad apples. I have been working with an article writer for about 3 years now that I found on freelancer. I probably tested 20 writers to end up with a handful of decent writers.

    There are also writers on this forum

    Nothing to see here folks.....move along.

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    Check out Articlez.com - that's who Kelly Felix uses (The Rich Jerk) and in Bring the Fresh he used them to make a site that basically did $500/month automatically after creating it.. So I assume if you describe appropriately how you want them to presell you'll end up with some quality stuff.
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    Another good Philippine based site is easyoutsource.com

    However, it is a very good idea to map out exactly what you want and how you want it by rules that your outsourcer must abide by.

    You should hire fast, and fire fast if it's not working.

    If you take good care of your writer, and train them as per your needs, you will have yourself a loyal and dedicated worker.
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    I have got pretty good Article Writers from Fiverr.
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    It doesn't matter where you get your writers from the important thing is to screen them well for you to know if they pass your standards.

    Try this site vapilipinas.com this might help
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      I don't agree it doesn't matter where you get your writers as some have stated. I used to outsource a lot of my writing over seas but me and my staff had to edit the articles so much It just wasn't cost efficient as far as time.

      I started outsourcing my articles to rentacoder writers in the US. I paid them more than cheaper services (a lot more) but my clients are multimillion companies and paid well so the investment was worth it. And I still hired an English major MA to edit the articles.

      What happened from spending this money is my articles were much more viral, built links much quicker and better (because publishers like to place them because they were superior content), and some ended up on Web Pro News and other sites reaching millions of people.

      Furthermore, I keep clients for years because created quality content. In short Article quality does matter!

      Kamau Austin, helps emerging businesses vibe, survive, and thrive online. He is a Dadpreneur and Publisher of: eINFoNews . Austin is also a author of Raise Cash Fast and a SEO and Social Media Professional. Contact him at: Search Engine Plan

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    Hi there. Please check your PM to find some answers. Thank you and I look forward to your reply.
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    • My experience is you can find good writers at most services (Elance, etc)-- you just have to put in the time to find them. It's worth the effort because a small change in affiliate sale page conversions can mean a huge difference in sales with the same traffic.
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