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by Ged3
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Hello Warriors,
I would like to try and convert some of my articles into videos.

I am a complete newbie to this and wonder if anyone can offer any help?

Thank you
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    Hi Ged:

    Hope you are well today.

    There is a product (not sure on the price) that I have no affiliation with called "Article To Video Software" also called Article To Video Robot.

    Do a Google/Yahoo search. When it first came out it had a few glitches (I tried it promoting my first book or maybe second) but the pros far outweighed the cons.

    When it was first released you were able to use it at least 1 time as a free trial.

    Hope this helps and have a great day,

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    Why don't you try out window movie maker...its a good tool. You can type your article on MS powerpoint and convert it t video
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      Yeah the powerpoint idea sounds good.

      You could create a few slides around your articles, with bullet points to highlight the main aspects.

      Then talk through the slides, conveying and expanding upon the information in the article.

      What I would do is record it using screen capture software such as camstudio (free).

      Unless there is a better way to transform powerpoint presentations to video?
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    Thank you,
    Craig, Jonat2005 and Adamj2 for your help.

    That has given me a great start.

    All the best
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      Just a quickie.

      Not many people seem to realize that Powerpoint 2010 actually has a full-on "make a movie" option.

      Look under "File", "Save and Send" and then "Create a video" - choose the drop-down where it says "Don't use Recorded Timings and Narrations" and you can select "Record Timings and Narrations"

      After that, the stage is yours :-)


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      Hi Ged:

      Hope the information helps you out!

      Good luck,

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    Hi Again,
    I just wondered if you received much traffic from
    your videos?

    Thank you
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      Another Quick easy way that's cheap is to create and outline from your articles and in fact use your articles and a script for your video. If you are doing an IM related video you can use this great screen capture video software called CamStudio (google CamStudio) and do great screen capture video and of course speak for audio while you demonstrate your points.

      With creativity I'm sure you can adapt the software to capture the Powerpoint slides while you make your points orally in other fields outside IM too. This is a great piece of software you can use for video.

      It converts to Avi files which are huge but I import the video into Windows Movie Maker for much smaller file sizes and upload to YouTube and other sites.

      Kamau Austin, helps emerging businesses vibe, survive, and thrive online. He is a Dadpreneur and Publisher of: eINFoNews . Austin is also a author of Raise Cash Fast and a SEO and Social Media Professional. Contact him at: Search Engine Plan

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    Thank you Martin,

    that could be a great help.

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    Thank you KamauAustin,

    some good points there - I will have to look in to that.

    Thank you
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    how many videos you want to convert? If its 10, 20 videos. Use windows movie maker. If more than that, then use some sort of software.
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    Try this method. It's too simple.........

    1. Download GoldWave GoldWave - Audio Editor, Recorder, Converter, Restoration, & Analysis Software (Free audio capturing tool)
    2. Get a microphone, select article (For best results, it requires good keyword research) record article as audio.
    3. Do some image search and find related images for topic of article.
    4. Open Windows Movie Maker.
    5. Add images and audio clip into WMM.
    6. Add transmission effects, titles and create a niche video 2-3 minutes long.
    7. Find video sharing portals such as YouTube, Metacefe..... as you wish, and TAG the video (very important) with proper keywords and upload.

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    Thank you Sscot,

    there are some good tips there

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  • Profile picture of the author costos gohdohb
    yes, to use PowerPoint presentation is wise
    however, if you don't have it --- or simply don't want to buy,
    then you can use its free alternative - OpenOffice ,
    after installing it you will find this alternative inside ,
    it seems it's called OpenOffice Impress as far as i remember

    you can also try using Animoto - online video creation, there's a free version too

    as for traffic from videos,
    you do have to put effort into promotion of your video
    cause everyday Youtube is uploaded several millions of new videos

    it's logical that you want to promote your videos
    you do need to take time and
    learn how to promote your videos
    but it's worth it -
    youtube is the 3rd biggest site on the Internet

    as for promotion, you can learn
    some wise things from
    (no affiliation, of course)
    the famous Martin Lindstrom here:
    Brand Building Video Blog by Martin Lindstrom

    what you want to find on this page is
    2 videos:

    • a) Title: The Dare devil on the Internet
    -about viral videos creation
    • b) Title: Part 2: Viral Marketing, Put to the Test

    you can also find a free ebook on the Internet
    (again no affiliation)
    Viral Video Secrets: An Exclusive
    Conversation with Frank Sousa,
    Mike Koenigs, and Len Foley
    With Rebecca Gauthier
    its rather old - 2008, but its a good book

    all the best

    and the last advice - learn only from professionals ALWAYS (not from newbies)
    you will do yourself a BIG favor
    save TONS of time!!!!!!!!!!
    and make less mistakes
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  • Profile picture of the author Victoria Gates
    Nice advice Martin and good luck Ged.

    One other bit of advice.. keep your channel "themed" if you write about dog grooming then keep the channel about dog grooming and dont just stick videos in the mix that talk about internet marketing. Your videos will get more hits and response.
    Victoria Gates - Digital Marketing Specialist

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  • Profile picture of the author Istvan Horvath
    Most people dont' know (or forget) that you can "import" your article's text directly into powerpoint slides... if formatted correctly.

    Robert Plank posted about it on Michel Fortin's blog:
    How to Convert Articles Into Videos | Marketers Board

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  • Profile picture of the author Ged3
    Thank you Costos,Victoria and Istvan,

    some really good point there.

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