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Yep, I said it.

They suck. Don't bother messing with them. Here's why...

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    Read and Ready....LOL got stuck on the RE-sponses there on that section huh? hehe

    Good one Jason...Happy New year
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    LOL RElationship...hmmm. Totally's about a solution. Whatever your goal...GET IT DONE in 2009!
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      Hey Jason,

      Just watched your video on your blog before I saw your post here.

      I'm glad I stopped setting those new years resolutions several years ago.

      I'm with you and Tony Robbins. Just get er done.

      Why wait until a new year to do what needs to be done.

      Your post actually inspired me to do something right now before I go out to dinner and I did some really quick research to see why one of my sites has not been generating any income at all and discovered every site within the primary directory is not working properly. I've simply not paid any attention to that aspect because they are set up to generate AdSense income from back in 2005. I don't even look in my AdSense account until today to see the year end totals.

      I was wondering why my Google checks were getting smaller month by month and figured it was simply because of all the changes from the financial crap going on. One can never assume anything in life.

      There are about 100 niche sites that probably got whacked by Google so it's an issue that needs a SOLUTION. So that's my "New Years Solution" to Get er done.

      Cheers & Happy New Year!

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        I was ready to argue with you, Jason -- not that I disagree with Tony about words meaning things & all -- cuz I most certainly don't (learned that from Tony's teacher, actually...)

        But here's where words can be misleading...

        What's "most" ? As in ...

        Most New Year's Resolution's don't work.

        Well, studies have shown that to be true, but not at the rate you might suspect! I heard that some 40% of New Year's Resolutions are actually kept!
        (Now, I have been known to quibble about stats before, and surely one could wonder what it means to have "kept" a New Year's Resolution.)

        But that ain't bad!'s apparently 10x as successful as some other methods for personal change. So even better (IOW -- a 1000% improvement! Would you like a 1000% growth in your business?)

        So ... here's the REal problem with REsolutions.

        Resolution is a noun that has been made from a verb. This is called a nominalization. Linguistically, people who nominalize things tend to get psychologically stuck. So let's un-nominalize the word: REsolve.

        Now...there's a powerful word if I've heard one!
        I RESOLVE to do X!

        Yah, I guess you could piddle about "re" and "solve" -- but I think that's not the part that's disempowering.

        What's disempowering is that a verb has been made into a noun.

        I challenge readers here on the forum to get up and say,
        "I'll make my New Year's Resolution to ...." (whatever.)

        Or however you want to say it.

        And now change it to say...
        "I resolve, on this New Year's, To..." (whatever)

        Notice the differnce in how it makes you feel!

        You can use "I solve this on New Year's..." doesn't quite do it for me the way "I resolve..." (which sounds a bit like re-doubling one's effort.).

        But that's just me.

        How to others experience saying those two different sentences (or 3 or 4)?

        I'm honestly curious...

        Live JoyFully!

        Judy Kettenhofen, Profit Strategist/Copywriter
        NextDay Copy
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    Good stuff Jason. I am setting my "solutions" tonight and getting them done!
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    Hi, Jason.
    I just joined warriors, and yours is my first post read. It's great to point out that anything your have to "Re" never got done in the first place, and will have to be REdone. I remember a discussion about the term "relationship" that applied this concept. Well, I'm going to relate with my relationship with my resolutions, and just call it done. Wipe off the white board and start, I mean, renew my to do list.


    I'm building a recession proof online business.

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    Love the tangerine juggling. 4 huh? Excellent!


    I have no signature. :-D

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    Jason -

    You need a haircut and a long sleeve shirt. Get a job hippy ;-)
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      Originally Posted by TimCastleman View Post

      Jason -

      You need a haircut and a long sleeve shirt. Get a job hippy ;-)
      Hopefully, you are just joking... if not, this is uncalled for.

      The guy takes the time out to create and share a useful video with a great message and all you have to say is that he's a hippy that needs a new shirt and a haircut...

      Why say anything at all?
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    What was really cool was going back through my entire Date With Destiny manual I wrote last year and seeing all the thoughts, struggles, goals, achievements, and stuff in there.

    Then, fast forward to today and see how many of those things I achieved.

    That week was definitely once of the most pivotal moments in my life and something that I carry with me everyday. If you ever have a chance to attend a Date With Destiny event, I'd recommend it at ANY cost.
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    You know darn well I don't know proper English.
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    Thanks for that Jason.

    The one that always gets me is when people say they are "making a difference".


    Because a bad result is a 'difference' too. I always try to say, "I'm going to make a positive difference". That may be subtle to some people, but words really are powerful.

    Have a happy, prosperous, marvelous, solution-filled new year!

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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