Looking for a Warrior freelancer... you must have Xsitpro v2

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Hello Warriors,

I've come to realize that I just don't have time for much... at least for the next couple of months. So as opposed to posting on a freelance site and taking a chance of having my template and/or articles stolen, I thought I'd ask here first.

Here's the deal. I have a custom XSPv2 template and articles for 10-12 new sites. I need a freelancer to create the site using my articles and template.

I'll provide the template, articles, hosting details and etc. You'll build, publish, and send me the XSP file back so I can import into my copy of v2 so I can maintain them.

This shouldn't require a whole lot of "thinking" you your part. It should be obvious which article will be the "index" article and which are the keyword articles. Also, most of the articles use the keyword as the file name so that should be easy to figure out too. You will need to whip up a description... even if you copy a piece of the article.

Please let me know how much you'd charge (per site) but build. Off the top of my head... I know that five sites only have 5 articles... probably another 5 sites have 10 articles... and one has 20 articles.

Feel free to reply to this thread, PM me or email me at dave (at) brewerweb (dot) com

Thanks, Dave

EDIT: You won't need to add any Adsense, Clickbank, or any other type of advertising/links. This project is just to build the site using my articles/tempate. Mainly a lot of copying and pasting...
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    Sorry to bump my own thread but with some much going on lately with the new forum... this thread was buried quickly. Please contact me with a price if you can help.

    Thanks Dave
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