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I have started a web hosting site.

I wish to provide managed hosting and script installation services. i.e. services like installing blog scripts, upgrading the scripts, installing themes, plugins, etc.

I have priced the plans at $4 (500MB/5GB/2 domains), 7(1GB/10GB/5 domains) and 10(2GB/20GB/unlimited domains).

What are the best ways to promote and get new customers in a short time. Are the prices too low or high?

I am trying my hand at AdWords and have about $100 to spend. Hopefully, I will get a few customers.
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    I can say article marketing is a good one to promote it. Hire some people to make a review on your hosting company. People that are professional at blogging and with a blog that is with high PR and good traffic. Also forum posting is one good way to promote it also.
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      suggest website webhostingtalk dot com

      you may get an idea what they are offering.

      IMO.. it's cut throating biz.. If you think you can do it.. then go for it.. i'm happy to see more choices.
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    I have my own hosting biz too but I had more luck targeting local customers. Competing online was just too tough for my humble funds.

    I remember when 1and1 was new. They offered 3 years free web hosting just so you'll signup for them. You might consider things like that as promotional strategy.

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    This one isn't fast at all, but what I like about advertising hosting
    is that you can do it on any kind of totally unrelated site. Just put
    hosted by or powered by and then the hosting or hosting affiliate
    link in the footer. It does produce a steady trickle of click throughs.

    Do something spectacular; be fulfilled. Then you can be your own hero. Prem Rawat

    The KimW WSO

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      I have run a web hosting business since 2003, not that long really but long enough to learn a few things.

      The key is to provide top notch personal support. Once you get your first 50 or so customers and treat them well the word of mouth marketing is awesome and can grow exponentially.

      I am heading out of the house now but when i get back I will post a few more tips for ya.


      Slime England

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    Originally Posted by ncaditya View Post

    Are the prices too low or high?
    Are you covering your expenses?

    Web hosting is a business just like any other business. If you have done your homework (a real business plan) then you already know whether your prices are too low or too high. Not only have you done full financials to know your costs and what is required to pay your bills, but you also have done the necessary market analysis to know where you plug in.

    So what does your business plan say?

    (I'm not trying to be an a$$ here. This is 100% real-world experience talking. I've watched many, many hosting co's come and go, come and go... it's like a parade! :p And I just sit here watching them stream through, and out, in failure. You must have a plan. A good plan -- not something half-heartedly tossed together in a few days. This is your operating guide, so make it good!)

    I am trying my hand at AdWords and have about $100 to spend. Hopefully, I will get a few customers.
    Don't count on it, unless you go long-tail and your site is very well-done and highly targeted to that niche.

    Again, it's just like any other real-world business. What's your USP? Why should a person pick you over some other company? The answers to those questions have to be stand-out and unique, something that every other hosting company doesn't have.

    Everybody says they have great support, everybody says they have great uptime ....... and yet a lot of them suck. So you can't use the stock terminology, as it's lost all credibility. I swear peoples' eyes have glazed over to it. :p People who are shopping around know that everybody says the same thing, and they are still left wondering "how do I know which one is a good one?"

    Until you can answer that, for how your company will bridge that gap, you're going to have a hard time seriously breaking into the industry.



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      Internet Hosting is a tough business. I think you should first focus on a certain niche and provide special tools for them (instead of just the general "install blog" or "setup forum) or, like Mark, do it as a local business. As for prices and costumer support, it will be hard to beat the big boys out there, so I think you should focus on personalized treatment of each costumer and let them do the advertising.

      Probably the 100$ is better spent in article writing, investing in the design of your website or tools provided by your hosting plans. If you do want to advertise on adwords, use placements on web design and related websites, instead of keyword results.

      Also, I think that creating a launch promotion of some kind would be a great idea, as will limit yourself to a certain number of costumers first - focus on your first costumers and in meeting their needs. Don't focus on getting more and more costumers and the quality of the service you will provide will bring more costumers than you could with simple advertising.
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