Whats the best way to promote my offline business?

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Everyone am thinking of starting a local offline business that gets business videos and puts them on the front page of Google, After buying a few WSO and implementing them to see if I could get them to work. After about one day I get my brothers business video off yell.com and placed it on Google front page for is local key words out of 3.6 million websites.

Then I sent out ten letters just outlining what I could do for any businesses that had paid for a yell.com video and weren't seeing any form of visitor's or clients calling them. After waiting a few days I got a call from a loft conversion company in Kent London. I can run this business from anywhere, the client pays a setup fee then a monthly fee but only once I have ranked their business video on the front page of Google. This is a month to month service which the client can walk away at any time.

Now that I need to know is?
1 What's the best way to get offline clients to ring me?
2 Should I offer anyone who gets me a lead let's say £50 ($80) once the client has paid me?
Any more tips and advice would be very help full
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    1 the best way to get offline clients is to do proper research

    do they need your service?
    what product or service do they offer?
    what is the competition level for this market?
    Can I beat my competition or do it better then them?

    basically you want to find business's that have a highly searched for service or products in your local area and connect them with people who are searching for that service or product online - like a match maker.

    you want to make sure they don't have a website or online presence .. if they do you want to make sure you can do a way better job and make them more money.

    yellow pages are a good start to see what type of business are in your local area then go from there into proper market research and keyword research.

    2 for a commission to affiliates or leads .. it depends on how much you are charging for your service

    If you charge $1500.00 per client I would say $100.00-$200.00 commission is fair

    but that's just me .. and yes of course - only when the customer pays you first ~

    hope that helps :-)

    To your success,

    Mitchell Assin

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      Thanks for the words of wisdom friend, am trying to get clients to try out my video marketing for 3 months for only £97 -$154 thats on front page of google or money back. If they like what i can do or it brings in more business for them its £97 a month for all the indexing and backlinking.
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        Do you offer to create the videos as well?

        Need LEADS... leads that seek you out?? Sales? I'll get you famous on Facebook in 60 days - FREE *** Famous on Facebook

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    I had an offline business which I sold 2.5 years ago. It grew from me working from home to having offices and employing staff, all within 2.5 years.

    The ONLY marketing I did was networking. No cold calling, no email marketing campaigns, no advertising, no Google Ad's. I'm ashamed to admit I didn't even do SEO.

    If you want local business you need to get out there and network. But you need to be ruthless in your networking and be careful where you go as some networking groups are better than others. Also you need to get savvy and spend your time wisely, there are a lot of people who go purely to sell with no intention of networking or buying.

    Another great thing about networking for your particular business is creating joint ventures for people who can promote your services to their clients. So try and meet with people where there is a good fit.
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    Think of yourself in their shoes, will you buy that kind of service?
    Also most people don't want people to sell them anything, they like to buy freely on their own will, so try to make them friends first.
    Also do research on which type of business need your service, then you can focus on them.
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    There is an offline section on this forum dedicated to offline marketing. http://www.warriorforum.com/offline-...g-discussions/

    I would ask this there instead.
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