Looking for Foreclosure affiliate program, any ideas...

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We are contemplating building a site to go after people seeking to avoid foreclosure. Anybody know of any good programs to monetize this effort?
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    I never done an affiliate program for foreclosure but I did use a site like that to generate leads. All you have to do is find a reputable firm to sell them to.
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    Just for reference, offervault shows 16 different offers from CPA networks, all going to UltraForeclosures.us paying $15-$28 per lead.

    It would be risky though to setup with only one revenue source.

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    I am a real estate investor specializing in fc. We own hotdamnshortsales.com selling ebook on how to do short sales. We pay 60 percent commisions on sales. Howevr our main biz is buying selling and flippibg houses . Watchourflip.com and greenbrickshortsales are our sites . Message me ill be happy to assist any way I can. Ill just say that u have to be very very very careful in your marketing and compliant with laws . Ftc and others are looking for scams and such. Pm me
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    By the way these lead services are all a racket. Its recycled leads. Makes me angry . They r outdated old leads. Fc is public record.u can get real time crom the courthouse or pay fifty bucks a month and get great access with alot more info than an address. Ilfls.com is what we use fir our leads source
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      You didn't say exactly how you want to help the people in foreclosure. There are so many options (i.e., refinance, bankruptcy, loan mod, short sale, loan assumption, produce the note, etc.)

      My day job is the mortgage business. Be aware that many states have cracked down on businesses running any kind of foreclosure rescue scam or loan mod scam. All kinds of businesses have been fined, sued, or shut down - even including mortgage brokers and attorneys. When the State Attorney General gets too many complaints, they will be at your front door.

      A few states require that you be licensed with the state.

      Proceed with caution & provide a true service.
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    You'd probably make a killing selling leads rather than acting as an affiliate
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    yes proceed with great caution. I got a letter a few years ago from the states attorney general, what they do is send out blanket letters to every, and anyone they can FIND that is operating what they feel to be 'foreclosure rescue", lucky for us, we were not claiming to "rescue" people from foreclosure, but to "avoid foreclosure" by SELLING their house. We also do NOT,repeat DO NOT collect one cent from the owners. We were simply finding people who needed to do a short sale, we would do all the negotiating with their bank(s), and get the house a deep deep discount, we then would have a buyer already lined up and we would flip it, or hold on to it for few months, fix and then sell. the homeowner avoided a full foreclosure. Where you get in trouble (big trouble), is when you claim to "save their home", and charge them a fee to negotiate, or to get them a loan mod. I too was in the mortgage biz 5 yrs ago during the "boom". i knew these 100% ltv loans would come back to haunt these banks, but who cares! they all made so much money in fees and interest and reselling them, its sickening.

    so anyway..find what you want to do. targeting newbies in real estate is big right now, has been, but they are jonny come latelys in my opinion. that window was 2 years ago. Today everyone and their mother has some sort of "get rich in real estate" program/product/class/ebook/member site they are selling. and its from people who never even for one second were in real estate or bought, or sold one product. That too makes me angry. that would be like me saying "get rich in internet marketing!" and claiming I am an interenet marketeting guru, yet I havent made a penny doing it, but I made all my money selling the product. make sense?

    pm me with any questions, check out our website hotdamnshortsales.com
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