Can Anyone Explain This One?

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I was on shopping for a new memory card today & look what I came across:

Why would a company like Best Buy put Adsense on their site, redirecting traffic to their competitors? Am I missing something? Any ideas?
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    Like JCPenny, they have morons for SEO's.
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      That is unbelievable! Obviously the left hand is not aware of what the right hand is doing!

      Thanks for posting this strange thing.
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    Someone probably told them that running Adsense on their site could off-set the cost of Google Adwords.
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    While it seems strange, it could just as easily be a way to generate more revenue from their traffic. Those loyal and experienced with Best Buy will ignore the ads and they will at least make money off some of those who are only there to glance.

    I am not saying that is what is happening, but it easily could be.

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    Originally Posted by EpicWin View Post

    They prolly make bank from AdSense.
    i seriously doubt they make enough in adsense to recover from lost sales

    this is a pretty moronic move
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    This is a massive company, as you all know. They will have their reasons and these reasons' positives will probably far outweigh any negatives.

    People need to consider one thing; whoever is making these decisions knows a lot about their customers and their interactions with this website. If it makes business sense, it's there for a reason.
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    Guys, we call it as marketing....

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    We as marketers preach about testing new things all the time. Why is it any different for large corporations?
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