5 Qualified Testers For My New Product in Exchange for Candid Testimonials

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Yes, It's 2009. I have been making money creating my products on what I run online practically and will be launching this site on the 7th of January, 2009.

Truth is that I created my product, designed my site alone, created my e-covers alone, sales page alone as I do not outsource.

Now this product is on how I make money monthly online selling $7 giveaway reports with master resell right.

In this report, I went indept on step by step on how you can research, assemble your report, tools you need to make money online, step by step guide on how you can turn your written report into pdf and the pdf converters you need for free, how to add your payment page to your website designing and site desing software you need, shopping cart you will use, how to bring in traffic with no money immediately you launch your product, and where to start selling immediately, hwo to bring in affiliates, how to design your e-cover, how to sell with mater resell right etc

Now, I need 5 qualified testers to get this product for free and give their candid criticism or testimonial in exchange

Just PM me and I will access and send the link to the 5 people that will qualify.

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