A Salute to James Schramko and Bev Clement

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I begin 2009 with hope.

In a world of takers, spammers, schemers, content thieves I discovered two people willing to selflessly give and help me out.

I won't go into all the details only to say that I had a computer crash a few days ago. My wife tells me I know enough about computers to be dangerous. She's right. Although I had backed up my data I was in deep weeds trying to recover it.

I decided to post a plea for help here at WF. Within minutes Bev Clement responded. As we were communicating James Schramko jumped in and offered to help. The next 24 hours James patiently helped me and dealt with my ineptitude. A few moments ago the problem was resolved.

Two people half a world away helped me. No opt-in. No upsale. No continuity program. Just plain old help.

I know there's much junk, meanness, and selfishness in the world and in IM. But Bev and James provide hope that goodness, giving, and selflessness are still there and may just win the day after all.

So, here's a great big salute to a nobody in IM to two IM giants: Bev Clement and James Schramko.

Thanks for giving me help and hope.

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  • Good to hear that you could bring yourself out of your predicament with the help of Bev and James.

    The forum is amazing, isn't it? :-)

    Have a great new year and may it bring an avalanche of success to you.
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    James and Bev are both great and do a lot to help people out behind the scenes.

    In fact, there are a lot of top Warriors who do help many people out without making a song and dance about it.

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    Despite the perception at times, that WF is infested with scammers and quick buck artists, there really are good, kind, helpful professionals that spend time here.

    Happy New Year all !!


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      I agree. I did not mean to imply those things to be characteristic about the WF. I was really making a general statement. I wasn't aware that such a perception exists. However, if one does then it is far from reality in my opinion.

      Happy New Year to you Talltom.

      Originally Posted by Talltom1 View Post

      Despite the perception at times, that WF is infested with scammers and quick buck artists, there really are good, kind, helpful professionals that spend time here.

      Happy New Year all !!

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    I just love this place and all the wonderful and helpful people here!

    Thanks for pointing this out. There sure are a lot of beautiful people in this world.

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      I would like to add a very loud Hear! Hear!

      James and Bev have both been extremely selfless in the help and encouragement they have so readily and freely given me (and, obviously, others) throughout the year. They don't make a big noise about helping, and often take problems offline to deal with them one on one.

      Warrior Treasures - thank you!

      And while I'm at it - thank you to the many other Warriors who have been happy to share their knowledge and expertise so willingly.

      Best for 2009.

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    That's a great story Steve. Not very surprising though, as both Bev & James are consistently helpful around here, as are so many others.

    I'm glad you got it all sorted.

    100% atrocity-free! No annihilations, assasinations, explosions, killers, crushers, massacres, bombs, skyrockets or nukes.

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    Thanks for the pointing this out mate. It's good to hear this type of stuff...
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    Bev and James are two of my favorite, favorite Warriors. You certainly got help from two of the most geniune, caring people on this forum. And there are plenty of other great people here too.
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