How to direct traffic to my blog

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I'm having trouble directing traffic to my blog. Can someone help me?
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    Originally Posted by nightmare30xxx View Post

    I'm having trouble directing traffic to my blog. Can someone help me?

    What are you currently doing to direct traffic to your blog? These methods aren't working AT ALL? ...or just not to the level that you had hoped for them to work?

    There are thousands of ways and methods that you can utilize to direct traffic to your blog. Have you considered writing articles, and linking out to your blog through resource boxes/signature links?

    Also, be sure to optimize your blog, with high quality information, that is deserving of being found.
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    You could start by posting something of more substance to this forum and using the sig file to advertise your blog.

    Phil G

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  • Profile picture of the author Terri LC can get some good back links with a Squidoo lens, also are you pinging after each new blog post? All kinds of ping services available and/or set up the best ones under your settings (wordpress)

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    There is no real secret in getting traffic to your blog. If your blog provides value, people will come. So focus on giving value, and you shall get what you want.

    Originally Posted by nightmare30xxx View Post

    I'm having trouble directing traffic to my blog. Can someone help me?
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    thanks for all the info... God bless.
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      Hey nightmare30xxx, like others have said there's a ton of ways to drive traffic to your blog.

      For my blog, I'm not actively marketing it currently. Checking my analytics I found that most of my traffic is coming from Twitter- from me posting the link to new blog posts as well as from my 'about me' section on the top of my profile.

      If you're consistently building a Twitter following and write great blog posts, you're blog will pick up a lot of traffic.

      That's what I'm doing for short term traffic. For the long term I'm focusing on SEO: keyword research ---> seo optimized blog post ---> post to twitter ---> encourage social bookmarking ---> build backlinks to blog post

      Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-

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    Originally Posted by nightmare30xxx View Post

    I'm having trouble directing traffic to my blog. Can someone help me?
    I am using few methods of driving traffic to my site or blog. It includes blog commenting, submitting articles to article directories, submitting press release to free/paid PR sites and backlinking and SEO stuffs.

    So far, the results have been good and I still believe that it is always good and advisable to track all the links and its conversion before you know that this traffic method works and if it converts.

    It simply means that if happen that you make some money, you need to know where does it comes from and focus on those areas which will be more effective rather than doing it blindly. This is what I think.

    Hope it helps...

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    Why don't you make a video and post it on YT with a link?

    It's easy more fun more thrust
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    1. Forum posting
    2. blog commenting
    3. Submit articles
    4. Bookmarking sites like digg, raddit
    5. Social media like twitter, Facebook
    6. Adswap
    7. Joint venture
    8. Video marketing
    9. Buy cheap traffic from fiver
    10. Ppc
    11. Ppv
    12. Web2.0 properties like hub pages, squedoo
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    If you're just starting out, you can get traffic through your own personal network (facebook/twitter)... as you post more and more solid content, the traffic will grow organically...

    You can use tools like stumbleupon etc. too and if you've the dough, adwords... but be sure to drive to a squeeze page instead of your main blog (you direct your opt-ins to your blog articles in your follow-up autoresponder sequence)
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    Join the warrior forum and check out all the advice in the War Room if you are serious. It's truly invaluable.
    Victoria Gates - Digital Marketing Specialist

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    youtube videos, forum posting, directory submission, creating high pr backlinks can help you get traffic to your site, you can also use social bookmarking and social networks such as twitter and facebook.
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    PING your blog at a site such as, so it gets picked up quickly by search engines.
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    Start getting familiar with on page and off page SEO techniques. It takes some time, so use niche forums and blog commenting for instant traffic.

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    try putting up some fb ads on facebook. You can get targetted traffic instantly
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    Try leveraging a widget.

    One that would add nice clean looking content while increasing SEO and user engagement.

    Checkout the searchreviews plugin....its free to download free to run so its good if your a beginner at blogging

    searchreviews (dot) com for more info
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    Check it out the WSO section, and you will find tons of way to guide you get tons of traffics.
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    Originally Posted by nightmare30xxx View Post

    I'm having trouble directing traffic to my blog. Can someone help me?
    Hi! Try networking with bloggers in your area, and promote their blogs in your blog. Before you know it, some of them will (even without you asking) promote your site.

    Kind regards,
    Manuel Viloria
    >> Get More Traffic Now <<
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    Like everyone else is saying...there are a number of ways...
    Use a Good Blog Software or Custom Build it
    Put title tags and direct it to specific audences, say 2 types
    Tag Your content of course
    Host your blog directly on your own domain
    And yes...participate in related forums and blogs
    Well these are just some of those
    Good Luck
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    There are many way to create a direct traffic on your blog As like you can promote an article and can give a link of your blog in article in author bio section, u can also promote your blog link through SMO (Social Media Optimization).
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    learn both on site and off site SEO and apply them well and build organic traffic that will really make lots of money for you.
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      Quick guide:

      1. Article marketing (Write article and submit to article directory, put your link at the author)
      2. Youtube marketing (Create a relavant topic vdeo upload to youtube and put your link there)
      3. Forum Signature (Put your web link on the signature)
      4. Submit your website to directory
      5. Post free ads on classified
      6. Comment on others people blog and put your link there

      Hope helps!
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    Go to the google... Search high pr blog in your same niche... Do backlink.. Then you will get traffic for a long term...

    That one from milllion ways... You should focus on one thing before jump to others... Hope it gonna help you...
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    I write articles in Ezine, Hubpages, Articlesbase, Squidoo and so on. All this has double effect as you drive traffic to your site and also get quality backlinks as well.
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    SEO, Social Media, PPC - I'm sure you've had plenty of advice in these areas...

    But have you utilized the full potential of your personal network? Do all your friends know you have a blog, your family members..?

    "Launching" your blog can be the biggest splash you can make - so make sure you let everyone in your personal network know. This doesn't need to be done in a spammy way either - ask their opinions on articles or the design, ask them to refer their friends, let them know you're embarking on a new business venture. *Simply create awareness*

    Never underestimate the "Grand Opening" of a blog!
    Click here for great point of sale and efficient inventory software.
    Learn more about manufacturing inventory software.
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    If your content are made with quality and uniqueness.... traffic is not a problem. You can link you site to your facebook/twitter account. Join forums, comment on blogs.
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    Why don't ya use YT for "promoting" one of the best way but look on thumbs and keep on linking and watch the ebens guru traffic summit there's a lot of goodies
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