Web Prosperity - you in?

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You may have got a few emails about Web Prosperity lately.

I have been studying the Web Prosperity system.

Getting in early seems to be the KEY. You don't even have to promote after you join, because since this is a forced matrix pay plan, you will get spillover from your upline.

Which means if your upline refers more people, you get more people. (I signed up under one of the first people who promoted it, so the downline should be huge when it launches if you sign up under the right person)

This means you don't even have to promote the system.

I'm not saying this will be a great opportunity yet, but if you sign up, and if it launches and it is successful, you will be way ahead of the pack.

I would advise signing up, waiting for the launch and studying the laws of your own country to see if it is legal first. That's certainly what I'm doing - I'll be waiting for it to launch first before I think of promoting it.

So - who's in?

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    I actually DID sign-up. I'm a sour-puss about MLMs but not
    because I think they don't work. I just think they are mostly

    I have seen companies try to do this sort of thing before. They
    sucked. Allnetworkers.com, etc... because they were all started
    by people who DIDN'T HAVE MONEY and DIDN'T HAVE THE
    TECHNOLOGY to do it right.

    In a nutshell - Simon Grabowski has both the money and
    the technology to pull this off. The lead capture page is dumb,
    like they usually are, and I despise all the bonus-schmonus
    talk but the product, if it is of the caliber of GetResponse,
    will make all the difference.
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