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Hey Warriors,

I've been planning to make some review sites for different products, mostly the top sellers that you see on amazon. I have a few legal/trademark and domain questions before I start making my sites.

For this example, I will use the movie which is now a book "Water For Elephants". My plan is to create the best possible review site for the book. So obviously the first thought for the domain would be as the keywords "water for elephants review" gets 12100 Exact Global Monthly Searches. The only problem I feel with the domain is that it has the popular book title in it. I have seen other sites have a movie, book, etc. title in them, but does it conflict with ICANN rules? I also searched the phrase in TESS and nothing came up.

So my question is, can I create individual sites with the products keyword in the domain (like or am I bet off just creating one large site with a safe trademark domain and multiple reviews on new products.

Thank you very much for your time
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    You can't use a trademark in the URL. This is how I would do it (cause I already do).

    1. Create 1 domain with a generic name. It can be anything, but something pointing to your niche would be best.


    Products covers everything on amazon.

    2. Create a WP multisite with a wildcard subdomain.

    3. When you name the subdomain, name it using the exact product you are going to review, not the company name. (TIP: use the word "blog" as the last word in your sub-domain). So whatever your product review is about your url would look like this:

    4. Write 3-5, 500 word article for each subdomain.

    5. Don't touch it again, just backlink to each subdomain on a regular basis. You can set that up so it's automatic.

    You can have 1000's of products, each having their own subdomain for 10 bucks a year with one domain purchase.
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    thanks for the clarification! this ^^^ is what I'll plan to do.
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    The way I understand it is book titles cannot be trademarked unless they are creating a commercial empire around the book, such as Harry Potter products, etc.

    Literary titles - such as book or movie titles - fall in a gray area in U.S. law. For instance, although a book or movie is protected by copyright, its title isn't. Copyright simply doesn't cover titles.

    And even if the title is distinctive, such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, courts and the Trademark Office say it can't be registered as a trademark, even though distinctive words and slogans can be registered as trademarks in other contexts. There's an exception for series titles, such as Harry Potter, but that's of no help to single-work titles.
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      I've had more success with larger sites that include content other than reviews. I direct traffic from non-review articles to review articles.

      The reason the large site works well for me is my posts rank well fairly quickly. My blog is loaded with non-review articles.

      My blog is broad in topic so I can write on a large range of products and services without looking ridiculous (I think). That said, my lack of focus diminishes my opt in rates which is a price I'm paying (I have another blog in a narrow niche and the optin rates are much better - that's my reason for saying this. Other people may have a different experience). My larger blog doesn't garner a terrifically loyal audience, but the affiliate commissions are good.

      I like the technique mentioned above using the subdomains. I've never tried that. That may be your ticket. You could try both - a large blog on your root domain with some subdomain sites dedicated to a particular product.
      How I hit $10,000+ per month very fast w/ 1 niche blog - Click Here to learn more (no opt-in).
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        Thanks for the reply Jgant, you are referring to your blog B2 Web right?
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    The only problem building on sub domains is that you end up with hundreds of sites with only one page of content that you have to drive traffic to - you can't rank on the domain name alone.

    Why not build one authority website with useful content as well as product reviews and have the product name as the page slug - that way it appears in your URL.
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      Actually you can use a trademark as part of your domain name(no EMD) if you are describing the product itself as part of the "fair use of trademark". But make sure to leave a disclaimer that you are an independent information website only.

      The trouble is that the trademark holder can bully you with a C&D letter and you wouldn't want to fight your rights in court due to fear and end up giving your domain.
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