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Thanks for everyone's help in this forum.
Ok, based on some very valid suggestions from the forum, I made some changes to the registration/subscription process. I would like your input one more time - go to realestatementorshiponline - dot - com (I am not allowed to type in URLs yet since I am fairly new.) Click the "Join Now" button - does it look ok to you?
I am still not getting paying subscribers - they subscribe to my newsletter, even go through the registration process, but no payment.
Is this usual for membership sites? I am doing all the right things: social media, blogs, real estate forum marketing, I get a good response and feedback from many people, but no paying customers. I have decent traffic, so what is scaring people away?
I am getting frustrated!!! I have put a lot of time and money into this. Do you see anything on the site that would help to improve things? Am I just being paranoid?
Most important, if you have a membership site, what triggered for you subscriptions finally?
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    How many views are you getting?

    Where is your traffic coming from?

    Have you tried a "launch special" where early birds can do a one time fee and get access?

    Are you offering a coupon in the news letter?

    Have you had a live conference/chat to talk about what is inside and promote the site?

    Do you have an affiliate program in place to get affiliates to drive the traffic for you?

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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      And, where is the "free" membership? Perhaps a free trial or a free membership which hides that specialized paid information so I am teased non stop when I log in?

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Hi Laura

    Just a quick observation . .

    The "Join Now" button doesn't exactly "jump out" at you and then . . .

    Looking at your Registration Form, I feel there is too much "clutter" - there is no real need for the right and left sidebar or the "latest articles"- for this particular page.

    You may be better using the space for a more detailed list of features etc for joining?

    Just my initial thoughts.

    ... and what Jill says ...
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    Hey Laura,

    Instead of a generic "Sign up here for the Free Newsletter with real estate investment articles, events, news and upcoming webinars. We value your Privacy."

    Offer a free report on something interesting and unique to your target audience. Your opt-ins will rise. From there you need to continue to send them great material and a "sneek peak" behind the curtain, info that you are releasing in the members area.

    What system is this ?Looks like a member gate page?

    The check out process seems like it could put the breaks on the buying process. When I went to your checkout I wanted to click on the 29.99 or 59.99 options, but you need to scroll down enter your info then go through the e-mail confirm, then pick your product. If there is anyway to simplify that, I would.

    The great thing is, from what I know, this niche is filled with people willing to spend. A little tweaking here and there and you should be taking off.
    Action! - Action! - Action!
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    Hi Laura2011,

    I am interested in real estate. From my point of view, as a potential customer, Well don't get me wrong, but your list what is included is to short. Extend it! Even if you don't add anything just extend a list. For example:
    Library resources extend by listening everything separate, like:
    Legal documents
    Financing resources
    and so on. Replace "more" by listening all point by point. Make it like they are getting a lot, for small price.

    If someone is looking for mentor in real estate probably doesn't know much about it. So if you list lots things, it will make you look more professional, and will make your customer feel more valuable. That's just my point of view.

    And one more advice. I am learning a lot from watching what others do in my market. Just check ahuja- with extension co-uk (I am new too so I don't know if i wouldn't be band, thanx for advice in your post) This guy has a very good marketing strategy, at least I think so. Sign up for newsletter and just check him (use email you don't use to often - they sending a lot messages) Hope this will help. Good luck
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    Laura, you've got a lot of info and options on your home page. Don't worry, you're doing what 99.9% of marketers do. Sell from the site. A year or two ago you could do that, but now you can't sell on your site.

    Everyone and their dog is in your niche. You gotta be a tease girl. What you have on your home page needs to be your 2nd page. Way to many choices, way too much info.

    Page 1 - A teaser page (squeeze page) with the email collection form. Entice visitors to give you their email address. When I say entice, don't offer them anything but your promise for good info they can't get anywhere else. If they signup without a bribe, you will eventually sell them. Those are the people that will buy from you.

    Send them an autoresponder back to the page you have now as your home page. That will be page 2. Take everything off your existing home page related to selling, sales or signing up for paid access.

    Write 7-10 good email responder articles. Info nobody else is providing. (This is a must or you're just regurgitating info nobody wants.)

    Somewhere between the 7th and 10th email, lay the link to your access membership at the bottom of your responder article. Don't mention the sale. After that first link keeping sending the emails with a link in the content, make it natural and leave the link at the end of the email article.

    Never mention the sale, just leave the link with your exceptional info. By this time next year you'll rule your niche.
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    Wow! Thank you guys! Keep your comments coming!

    I am going to print all of them out and ponder on them. Thank you!!!
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    Laura, I make a good sized income from having big and small memberships.

    It all comes down to this

    Targeted traffic + Good copy + and excellent offer at a good price !

    I have been where you are and now make over 9k per month doing this. I was where you were, so dont worry. It comes down to a lot of testing, and giving rediculous offers sometimes. A free report to funnel them in.

    But with a membership site it comes down to trageting the RIGHT type of person, and giving them a good offer. I.e. instead of a free ebook, most our sites use a nice free tria. Like 7 day free trail, or 30 day free trial. Again you have test all this and see what works best.

    There is some good advice in here, just go about testing this and see what works. When you have a break through write it down. Do more of the things that are working and bringing in members and less fo what isnt. It took me a lot of testing, but when I got it down packed, i just outsourced and upscaled everything.

    Wish you the best of luck with it. :-) you will succeed...just keep at it.
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