Your biggest hurdle right now in IM and what you're doing to overcome it.

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Unless you're one of the "elite" Gurus (who as group I have a ton respect for), then you're somewhere else along the curve and facing one particular IM hurdle that you're struggling with. This is the stand out thing that's really dogging you the most, though there may be (and probably are) other issues you're struggling with too.

I think it important to focus on that one thing that you're really hung up and throw everything you have at it until you've overcome it to the point you're ready to tackle the next thing. Otherwise you get swamped with so many different things that you spend your time hopping from one to the next - like the Energizer Bunny on crack. Nothing much gets accomplished, you become frustrated, and some wind up giving up completely.

My current, single biggest hurdle is sight promotion. I can write content, come with ideas related to it at the drop of a hat, have my basic onsite SEO covered, and have a plan. My first articles - written around targeted keywords - are up and I'm satisfied with them overall. There's a few other challenges to take care of, but this is the most pressing for me because:

good content - links to it = invisiility

What I'm doing about it: Spent the whole day playing with Google to try and find productive leads on solutions that didn't involve simply throwing money at it or wasting time on the usual bland rhetoric that is far too often repeated, and far too rarely substantive in terms of detailed info.

Where I wound up: some potentially promising pages bookmarked to come back to, and a 12 day trial of the often mentioned here Market Samurai. That's the fruit borne so far, and though the hurdle isn't overcome, I feel a step closer to getting a handle on it so that I can move on.

Background: my site launched on Independence Day (which was an apt time as it marked my move away from Blogger and to my own domain & hosting) and I'm not yet taking advantage of the promotional opportunity, and link juice, from linking to it from here as I want to get some other links in place first along with more development. 100+ sig links hitting it from here without much else pointing toward it is not going to look very organic to G.

Disclaimer: Market Samurai gets a plain text mention as I have no affiliation with them and this post isn't about it. It gets a mention mainly because some might respond with how best to put my 12 day free trial to use - and not just to get the most out of it, but because its a product I'd like to buy and one I'll do without reservation when I see my efforts with it producing traffic I can use to convert to help pay for it.
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