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Has anyone heard of Cloud Flood by Viperchill?

This tool is so cool! Simply create a free offer (ebook, report, etc.) and you can offer it as a freebie to your visitors.

In order to get it, they must click on the button (that you create on Cloud Flood), then send your Tweet or Like your Facebook page. Once they do, they're given the link to your freebie.

It only takes a moment to create the button and insert on your site. What a great way to drive lots traffic to your site - and it's free!


Here's the address: Cloud Flood

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    It is true?
    thank you
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      I have heard of this type of social payment system before, still haven't used it yet but I want to soon. The one I heard of is PayWithATweet.

      I will be trying this out sometime next week- if anyone has tried it before I'd like to know the results! Seems like a lot of potential to go viral.

      Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-

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          Please take a moment to try Nuggol. It is a different concept to facilitate helpful sharing on social networks.

          let us know what you think!
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    Thanks for the share.

    Very Good idea, that I had never heard of or thought of to be honest.
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    Thanks ... I like this.
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    A great tool that i need to try out. I hope it does as you explained.
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      I actually wrote a guest post on TwiTip that just covered this tool, is that where you heard of it?

      My post ---> 3 Creative Tools For Power Twitter Users

      I am a pretty big fan of Glen's, and yes, it is a really powerful (and really free) tool that will get people to share your stuff in order to get a freebie.

      I've used it on multiple sites with great success.
      Find yourself... or find yourself lacking.

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