Problem..Any solutions??

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I have just converted a word doc with hyperlinks into a PDF but cant click on these links in the pdf..links are not clickable..

Any advice , suggestions on how to counter this..


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    Download Open Office. Create your doc in their word processing program, Writer. Click on the PDF button and you're done.
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      I don't think you even have to download Open Office. If you are using Microsoft Office Word 2010:
      1) Click file and select save-as
      2) From the save as type select pdf
      3) Click save and you are done

      Sometime when you click on the hyperlinks, you have to hold down Control. Try it
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    Here is simple solution for .doc to .pdf conversion with clickable links.

    1. Sign up with Gmail.
    2. Go to Google documents.
    3. Upload document into Google doc.
    4. Download as pdf.

    You'll get it in pdf format with clickable links.

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    • Thanks. I had no idea I could do that with google docs. This will come in handy.

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    I have used Google Docs method and Open Office I love how Open Office works but Google is close too. They will both do what you need though. Good luck.

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    I use PDF995. You can download the free trial version.

    It'll add a PDF printer driver, so that you can print anything into a PDF (e.g. Word docs, PowerPoints, web pages)... and it'll preserve hyperlinks.
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