Hello People, My Name is Trent and Here is My 2009 New Year's Resolution

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Hello. First off, I wanted to say Happy New Year. I'm Trent and nice to meet you. I know a lot of people don't believe in resolutions but for me, I do believe in new starts and new beginnings.

I recently just got into internet marketing, and honestly, I love everything about it. When I came across this forum and started to read posts from people of all different backgrounds and expertise helping each other out, I thought was pretty cool and inspiring.

My goal for 2009 might be pretty crazy and is to take some work. It is to make $1,000,000 by Jan. 1, 2010.

I know if I told somebody in the street that I was going to make a million dollars in a year, they would probably laugh. Heck, even part of me doubts that I'm going to do it. To top things off, I'm $948.58 in debt.

But I've put my foot down. That's what I want and that's where I'm going. I'm sure other people have done this before and probably have had it even worse than me.

I need to do this and I know I will make it. I just don't know exactly how right now. But I like to learn and hopefully this can help me achieve my goal.
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    Hi Trent
    Welcome to the forum, I hope you reach your goal. Even though it is a bit crazy. I would suggest just read, read and read some more of this forum. Also the war room is awesome

    Good luck Trent

    Steve M
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    Hi Trent,

    What you can do now
    is to set up a proper business

    Plan multiple milestones
    which you must hit every month
    starting from today.

    Good luck to your goals!

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    Lets see that will only be:

    $2739.72 a day
    $114.15 an hour
    $1.90 a minute or
    $0.031 a second

    That should put it into perspective so just create your plan around those facts and get started.

    If you haven't started yet just remember you are already
    2482.87 behind so get going and good luck

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    Welcome on board. This is definitely an interesting and challenging line of work.

    I applaud your enthusiasm, and its always something that you need to retain, in any line of work. However, enthusiasm is honed by keeping things realistic too. There's many people here who have worked at this profession for a number of years, and are just now beginning to earn six figure incomes.

    So set your sights high, but not out of sight.


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    I like the enthusiasm and that you have set high goals for yourself man. Don't let anybody tell you you can't achieve this. Accept that it will take hard work. Partner with other people and outsource if you can to gain leverage.

    "Hard Work Often Leads To Success. No Work Seldom does!" -Harvey Mackay
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  • It's always good to have big dreams.

    "The greatest barrier to success is fear of failure" Unknown
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      hey Trent,

      Welcome to the forum. That is a fantastic goal you have. A big goal, but a fantastic one. Do not lose sight of your goal during the year. Make sure you reinforce it by writing it down and look at it every single day. Put it in the first person and believe it.

      "What the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve"-Napoleon Hill


      Shannon Herod
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    Hey Champion , good for you you have to dream big . I remember someone who made the claim that "One day there will be a computer in every house in the world' and people laughed at him HMMMM

    Réal is an expert at helping people achieve thier Dreams & Goals. We will lock arms and I will show you how to explode your business. I will literally walk you through your journey to a 7 Figure income.

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