4 Tips To Cash In On Your Blog Traffic

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So many bloggers become disillusioned by the promises of "instant income" and rush to create blogs and websites in the hopes of fast cash.

Many new bloggers think that simply putting up a blog and inserting ads will bring immediate income, but truth be told, most struggle to break even and never realize a profit.

I was one of those people. I wasted many months and tons of money looking for the silver lining of internet marketing. I rushed from one program to another with the expectation of making gobs of cash and quitting my job.

Sorry to say it's not that easy - I've been there and done that. Work, dedication and perseverance are the key to online success.

This post is going to show you 4 proven strategies to to turn your blog or website traffic into money. Put your wallet away, this won't cost you a cent

What makes a successful business - Traffic or Conversion?

Well, the answer is both. You certainly need traffic because without it, your business is dead. But, traffic is not everything - unless you can convert it.

No conversion means no income. If you're driving 1,000 visitors to your site each day, and no one buys, then what's the point?

Conversion = income

The fact is, your time is money and if you're going to spend countless hours slumped over a computer creating blog posts, writing articles, posting in forums, tweeting and making videos, you should be turning that time into money by converting your leads into profit.

Unless, of course, you're doing all that stuff for the sheer love it..... ;-)

So What's Next?

You did all that work, made your social media connections and worked into the night on search engine optimization, but you're still not making money.

You would be surprised how many people, out of frustration, would drop all the work and head over to the next-best-promise from yet another get-rich-quick guru

Not realizing immediate income is one of the major causes for failing businesses online. People simply walk away when the money doesn't start rolling in.

Sorry to sound harsh but, that's not building a business, that's opportunity seeking.

So, what is the strategy to realize success from your efforts? (I'm so glad you asked!)

People don't connect with products, they connect with you

They bond with the person BEHIND the business. I'm always saying how important it is to brand yourself and infuse your own unique personality into your business. That's what people love!

Do you need to generate traffic? Of course, you do, but the relationships you build with your audience will convert them into paying clients, and long-term prospects.

When It Comes To Success - traffic is important - conversion is vital

People are very hesitant to buy from someone they don't know. Build that connection and they'll buy from you forever.

Your visitors came to your site seeking answers and looking for solutions and it's your job to provide them with the things they need. To provide hope, nurturing and guidance. To assist them along on their journey and help them reach their goals.

You must have it within you to WANT to provide your visitors with the things they need. Here is where your passion for what you do shines!

Here are some methods to connect with your leads and convert them into raving fans:

1. Free Training

Offer your leads a 7 day YouTube training workshop, a blog training seminar on Powerpoint , a course on writing autoresponder emails or some kind of weekly niche-related training session. Don't forget that value is the key and providing tremendous value via free training goes a long way to converting leads into subscribers.

2. The Power of Webinars

Webinars are very popular because they're interactive and allow leads to participate. Question and answer webinars give your leads an opportunity to learn more about your niche and gain valuable insight into business and what you have to offer.

Webinars allow you to establish yourself as an expert in your field and it's an great way to use your knowledge to convert leads into subscribers.

Present your information in an easy-to-understand way using images, bullet points and quotes from experts to drive home your message and make an impact.

3. Stay Connected With Your Subscribers

It's vital to stay connected with your subscribers, to keep the communication going and do it on a consistent basis. Let your clients know you're alive and not just send an occasional autoresponder message.

Send them a broadcast message containing an inspired thought, an important niche-related message, a video on You Tube that relates directly to your niche or an informative blog post.

Don't ignore social media!
Use Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with your audience

Respond to your subscribers' communications to you in a timely manner. Answer their questions and address their concerns. This is a powerful way to stay connected and they'll remember you for it. This is a priceless investment of your time that will pay off for you.

This should not take you too much time. However, even if it takes you an hour a day, it is a very valuable investment in your business.

Offer Bonuses

Freebies go a long way with your audience and I'm a firm believer in over-delivering and you should be too. Provide tremendous value through freebies like:

  • Ebooks
  • PDF reports
  • Video tutorials
  • MP3s
  • Podcasts, etc.
These are 4 strategies that will help you reach out to your audience, build a lasting relationship and ultimately a successful business.

Action speaks volumes and there's no time like the present to get started

Wishing you great success, always!

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