So many lists...what do you focus on?

by BJ Min
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Hi guys,

I would like to hear how you guys handle having SO MANY LISTS.

My thing is, I have a list (prospect list & customer list) for EACH product/website
I have.

If you have 10 websites, you will have 10 lists (actually 20 because 10x2 = 20 considering you have prospect list & customer list for each site).

So for example, which LIST do you focus on building the most?
Like your blog list OR front end list OR freebie website list?

I would like to hear your thoughts.

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    Excellent question.

    I have lots of industry-specific lists (weight loss, IM, etc), and one major list -- an ezine.

    I use autoresponders for the industry-specific lists; as well as blog updates (aweber makes this easy.)

    Since I have lots of products, I don't have prospect/ buyers lists for them; most buyers come from the ezine, so I've never found it necessary.

    A couple of years ago I had too many lists, so just nuked 80 per cent of them; you can spread yourself too thin.

    Hope this helps.


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    I would say check the one which is the most responsive and which makes you the most amount of money first....Have a priority list.

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    I'm thinking of making my FRONT-END product my PRIORITY PROSPECT LIST...and if they become buyers, then lead them to a PRIORITY CUSTOMER LIST...

    i agree...sometimes too many list is a'd be so much simpler to have one major priority list...and then focus on just building that...
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      I always let my prospects tell me . I personaly only focus on 1 product and I go where the green light is . Hope that helps

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