Which is the best search engine?

by shiv88
34 replies
Google or Yahoo?
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    Definitely Altavista. Good talk. Let's get together for a beer later.
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    Ask.com, Or aol as a close second
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    Nothing but only Google. There is none who can beat Google.
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    Google is the most advanced and the most popular search engine. For those reasons I'd say Google is the best of the bunch.
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    Maybe you should have asked "Other than Google"? ... Google is the one most of the folks go to, so from an IM perspective, it's the best.

    Going by Alexa rankings and looking at primarily English language search engines, Google tops, then comes Yahoo, Windows Live (Live.com) and then MSN.

    "Be Still Like A Mountain And Flow Like A Great River"

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    Ofcourse Google. Other like ask or altavista come nowhere closer to it
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    Of course, Google is the best search engine
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      I do not know which is better in terms of technology, but I don't really remember the last time I used yahoo to search for stuff.
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        It depends on what your criteria are. If you're looking at optimising a website for just one, then go for Google because that's where most of the people are.
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    Hello.......There is no one else who can beat Google. I think Google is the most popular and most advanced search engine.
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    Right now nothing comes even remotely close to Google. Bing has a lot of good things going for it, unfortunately they are only indexing a fraction of the internet right now. So the results suck.
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    the best one is any local library, usually the library connected to universities offer good source of information

    i completed my first health product from expert information collected in libraries
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    I don't know how you are trying to compare Google with Yahoo. Google is still the best .
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    Google is best search engine..
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    Google is far from the best, if you look for some technical information, you will have the oldest websites ranking above new ones.

    worst, is that people turn to become more lazy, and if google deliver only bad references information for a subject, they will collect wrong information

    the best example would be health information,
    the big pharma industry pay "technical writer" to post articles all the day long to promote their product, by writing "pseudo scientific" articles, that are just false assumption to promote their products,
    so running with this bad information, you will take dangerous decision for your health

    google is the first in the world doesn't mean they are the best, it's like saying Microsoft is the best operating system, they have the best marketing startegy period. for the quality both are not considered the references
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    Off course The Big - G
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    I still prefer google.... nothing is best than google!
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    In the earlier day yahoo was the first choice for everyone but with the introduction of google within 1 year yahoo lost its market and now as per my prediction 65% users use google. If you talk about me Internet means Google for me.
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    Originally Posted by shiv88 View Post

    Google or Yahoo?
    Did you just ask that ??? Yah who?
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    Google's definitely up there. Yahoo is a bit too cluttered looking for me.
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    this must be a joke. is there anything other than google?
    just look at its market share. people dont say "look it up on the web" or "bing it" or "yahoo it".. they say "google it" its become part of our vocabulary.

    blah blah blah

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    I heart google.

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      Yes, it is a bit of a "silly" question really.
      Google is by far the best.
      So maybe your questions should be who is second best?
      You should also specify your reasons as other search engines may be better for other reasons.
      However, for now Google is by far the best, largest, fastest. most accurate, etc.

      Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
      Website / Blog for more info.

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  • Profile picture of the author Britt Malka
    Best for what? PPC? Making money? Bringing results?

    If you're talking about bringing the best results, try this test:

    Blind Search

    I made three tries just before and had Bing as #1 twice, and Yahoo once.

    LOL, made me laugh, E. Brian Rose Probably the best answer of them all.
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      Thanks to everyone.
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    Dogpile! Come on guys- it's like Google, Yahoo, and Bing all in one!

    ....but seriously, nothing beats the Big G
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    google might have a pretty cool algorithm, but i think the others are catching up. if google keeps doing things like panda updates and messing with PR formulas, banning people from google places etc, it may soon find it gets a lot of public backlash.

    Google is great, unless your income relies on it.

    just a dog guy.

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    i would have to go with google.always the best
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    Like Britt said, best for what?

    Best for delivering taffic: Google
    Best search results: depends on the search
    Best for privacy: startpage.com

    Britt, I did that blind test 5 times. I had 3 for Bing and 2 for Google. Poor Yahoo, neither of us gave it a single vote.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Of course Google dominates the internet world. In fact, some people said Google is evil
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    For which purpose. When looking for a generic the best has been proposed in various articles to be FindFiles.net.
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