After Great Training Manuals and Documentation

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Systems through documentation is the secret to success in business... as I'm discovering. You go from working in the business, to working on the business, leading to less work and more money.

I'm after great training manuals and documentation ideally to do with online marketing and related tasks. If they have to do with anything we do, that's a bonus.

I'm doing "Work the System" and Sam, the author, has several good examples here: Work the System Documents

As you can see, the best documentation is do step 1 then step 2... and finish with step 29.

John Jonas specialized in this in his monthly course helping you outsource to the Philippines, but really, his manuals are random and well, all over the place with vague suggestions. I learned great stuff from him, yet the "manuals" are basically articles, not true documentation.

Any suggestions, links, or courses someone has created will help greatly.
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