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I have a blog that has a fair few articles and reviews on but I,m starting to run out of articles to write about. I have tried searching for related articles to what I have on my blog, used google analytics to find keywords that users have used to find the website, and have wrote articles matching them.
Please can anyone give me some ideas on finding related/relevant articles to find to write about.
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    My advice would be not to stay so laser focused on your keywords and branch out to write about different things within your niche. As long as it is on topic, those who find your website will still find the information you post valuable. Those who come and are aware of what an SEO optimized blog looks like will also be impressed since you will be viewed as making an honest effort to become a niche authority.

    Open your mind and see that there is more than one way to cook a chicken (or whatever the heck the saying is).
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    Don't panic one can never be short of topics to write about you just need to open your mind. don't just focus on niche their can be several topics related to your niche on which you can write about. The best thing to find the new ideas about articles is reading. Reading helps to find the new topics, you can also write on the hot news. find the latest trends in your niche by searching latest trends in twitter and google.

    I am one of the TechKnowlogists

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    As a first step, generate relevant keywords using any good keyword tool. Then search for articles matching these keywords in reputed sites such as ezinearticles, articlebase, squidoo, hubpages .... and you may get relevant articles matching those keywords.

    Also search in Google Yahoo and Bing for sites matching your main keywords. Many of these sites will have good articles on your topic. You can find them using the Google site: command. Hope it helps.
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      Thanks for the ideas guys will put these ideas to good use.
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        If you are in a niche that is a personal interest, it is easier. Once i got to that point, I started listening to webnars, interviews etc by experts in the niche that gave me fresh new ideas, scrapping article directory works but boring.
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    Here are some resources that I recommend you look into for getting articles ideas:

    * Yahoo Answers (Just search your keywords or browse the relevant categories)
    * Forums (search your keywords on or some other Forums Directory)
    * Search Twitter for #keywords and see what people are talking about
    * YouTube (it works great sometimes, as an ideas-generator)
    * Browse Google Books (and Amazon books) and look at Table of Content of a book that's targeted at your niche
    * Talk to people (friends, family, colleagues, comments-in-blogs) about your niche.
    * Google Blog Search
    * Technorati
    * Popular Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc. News Stories with your #keywords
    * Don't confine your research to online - Check out magazines, newsletters and such
    * Join e-mail lists in your niche

    OK, that's all I can come up with off the top of my head. Will add more after some time. Internet is a HUUUUGE place. Be creative. Think outside the box.

    Now stop browsing WF and START GENERATING IDEAS! I suggest you make mindmaps and save them in your hard disk, so you can constantly keep coming up with aweosme ideas. The world is just waiting to be explored.
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    EZA has a tool I use fairly often when someone gives me a keyword and I need to come up with topics. If you go to post an article there is a Title Finder tool where you can type in a keyword and it outputs some different article titles. It has been a huge help for me.
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      Originally Posted by AmandaT View Post

      EZA has a tool I use fairly often when someone gives me a keyword and I need to come up with topics.
      Thanks for the reminder about the title suggestions in Ezine Articles. I had forgotten about that; I just looked at my niche keyword and got a bunch of new ideas.
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        Hi, you can always see what your competitors write about, or you can search on articlebase or, there are a ton of articles, just search for relavent topic and develop from there.
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          Thank you for all your (great) ideas and advice, it's truly appreciated.
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    It is rather hard to find a very unique Keyword. Research for the keywords in your niche and write the article even if somebody else has written using the same keyword all what you should be thinking about now is to have a SEO content.
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    Whenever I am promoting, or at least writing about a particular subject, I always set up several Google Alerts to 2 or 3 specific key phrases. Use "keyword" and [keyword], and you will be surprised at the interesting information that pops up.
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    There are many website to search for sources of your article. There's no need for worries. Just don't focus on a niche you have. You can make articles that are related to your niche.
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    Search the authority blogs in your niche and look for popular blog posts . Then , all you have to do it to re-write them in your own word .

    But , don't lie .
    CPA Game Changer - Coming Very Soon !

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    You can search relevant articles by using keywords. Search by your keyword phrase.
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    Take a look at 99cent articles, they write unique!!
    Failing that KW searches, current trends in the market, whats hot in your market, check similar blogs, etc etc!

    Think Big & Don't Listen To People Who tell You It Can't Be Done....Life's Too Short To Think Small!

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    Depending on the topic, it can be a good idea to get offline. Spend some time at a bookstore or library looking through books and magazines. The articles in magazines are usually a good source of ideas.
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      Thanks to all of you for these great ideas. Plenty of work ahead.
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    Along with the ideas above, check the news at yahoo for related topics. Also you can always do an interview with someone and add that as a new blog post.

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    When I am writing for a client I notice that I have a much easier time if I just take the url out of the picture and focus on writing about the keyword itself. It seems to broaden my options. Sometimes if I think too much about the website it closes of my mind to other ways in which the keyword can be used. You can get good ideas this way because you aren't limiting your thought process. You will end up thinking of some ideas that are relevant to your site, and you can just toss the ideas that aren't.

    Everyone ends up finding a system that works best for them, and you will eventually find yours. Everything will just come natural after awhile and you won't even think twice about it.

    Good Luck!
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    Some good suggestions above.

    You might also look at buying some books (or getting some from the library) related to your niche. Most tend to contain pretty densely packed information, and will keep your mind brimming with ideas for a long time to come. Plus it never hurts to improve your expertise in a niche from which you make money, eh?

    EDIT: Apologies - didn't realise that Rose had already suggested this!
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    Searching for your main keyword in google can be beneficial. You might land on interesting posts by other people which can become your inspiration. List out your ideas and build your content through that.

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