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by Big Al
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Hi Guys

I'm familiar with GWO for testing multivarations of web pages but I have something different I'd like to try for an offline businesses website.

The website has tens, maybe hundreds of pages of content with internal links taking people from one page to another (ie. naviagating the content).

Every page has a call to action and an opt-in form on it.

I'd like to find out which page is generating the most subscribers but without creating variations of each page (ie. an A/B split test). My feeling is that people land on one page and ultimately end up on a page that interests the most/pushes the right button and then they opt-in.

At the same time I don't really want to create multiple opt-in forms for the site since I'm not sure what the auto-responder tracking is like. I know the auto-responder host is iContact.

I just want to keep it as simple as possible.

Right now I'm guessing I need to play with Google Analytics 'Goals' setting (... just been a little lazy today) and was wondering if anyone had similar experiences?


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