My 1 Million Pageviews Milestone and why you shouldn't give up!

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4 years ago, I went into Internet Marketing full-time.

I started with no list, no knowledge, 0 visitors and 20k of debts.

Today (11 July 2011), my Personal Development Blog welcomed its 1 millionth pageview-visitor... while I was still sleeping.

You can see the screenshot here: surpasses 1 Million Pageviews! | Personal Development for the Book Smart

And I've made a 6 figure income purely from IM, effectively clearing off all my debts... even though the deal with Rich Dad didn't go through.

Who said it's impossible for an ordinary guy to succeed online?

I've had my fair share of downs (being hacked, having my adwords account shut down, merchants not paying 5 figures affiliate commission etc.) but this... this is the kind of thing that gets me all REV-ed up to do it all over again.

Are you on the verge of giving up? Well, this is what you'll be missing out =)
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