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Hi everyone, I'm new here, not new to int. marketing though. I wanted to hear from others what you thought or have tried.

I was thinking to purchase a PR6 for 1k or so and basically make an article directory for myself. So instead of buying separate domains for niches which I have 50 plus and there is cost of hosting and domain registration, I would have 1 powerhouse domain.

I would think when each new article is posted that would rank much better than if it was just normal niche site on it's own. Of course I would build back links to each page as well

Any thoughts? Let's get a nice discussion going. Any one try this?
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    This seems like a really neat idea. If it is a really catchy brandable domain name I would go for it.

    If you do any kind of blogging and want to try the next big thing, PM me.

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    Page rank is comparatively unimportant, and getting less and less important with every adjustment of Google's algorithms, it seems to me.

    One can see this from the regularity with which lower-PR pages with fewer backlinks are now outranking higher-PR pages with more backlinks on so many Google searches.

    The ever-continuing trend is for the SEO rewards to go to quality and relevance, not to page-ranks and numbers of backlinks.

    Just my perspective.
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    Bought PR6 domain once (paid $1400),in 12 months turned it in to PR7 ( with 15 PR6 subpages) and sold it for 8K.
    Since then I have mastered this PR trade but the market is not as good as it use to be.
    Currently I own 3 PR7 domains, one of them I forgot to nonindex some pages and it all: posts, categories and tag pages got PR6. Probably over 50 of them..
    My plan is to turn at least 1 domain in to PR8 next time around. Will see.
    BTW, one of my PR6 sites is a business directory, alexa around 200K,it only generates about $100/mo from adsense and listings all together. But I only charge $2/year for basic listings.Pays for my VPS alright but I would not do another directory again I dont think. Takes lots of time marketing it,BL etc the ROI is not so great, more like a hobby.Flipping high PR domains is much more productive.
    Good luck with your article directory!
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