Auto Post Plugin For Wordpress - Does It Exist?

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Hey Guys,
Im looking for a wordpress plugin that allows you to pre-load posts, and then publishes them on a daily, bi-daily, or weekly basis. I'm not sure if this would be considered an auto-blog, due to the fact that it is my own unique content (not spinned), I just wonder if such a plugin exists. Let me know, thanks.

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    No plugin required. Just set the publish dates ahead to the appropriate times.

    If you do any kind of blogging and want to try the next big thing, PM me.

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    wp allows you to set post dates. youd have to load it yourself. i dont know if WP robot has a feature, but you can check that out too.

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    No need for a plugin as others have mentioned.

    You can create posts in advance, and select the posting date all within the stock version of Wordpress. Just set your publish date to sometime in the future and the posts will automatically go "live" on the date that you select.

    I've got blogs that have automated content (of my own) setup for the next year! That's a great way for the bots to come back and love your site and help automate your sites one at a time.
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    Look in the War Room for Carty's autoposting plugin.
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        Thanks alot for your help guys.


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    There is a very good one .... check my sig.
    I had it created after trying a number of others that I found lacking in one way or another
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