Recommend a great Aff. E-Product-or what you want for tools as an Aff.?(descriptive enough? lol)

by Keith Boisvert 3 replies
I have to admit I know very little about affiliate marketing, ie ClickBank,PayDotCom. It has had no real bearing on my business plan, so other than a few products I bought in my early days of IM I have not paid any attention to it.

But now, I have a product I plan on launching soon, and plan on putting it on CB. I would like to have a better idea of what's going on the Affiliate Marketing world, in order to set my product up better, and provide some good tools for affiliates.

If anyone has any suggestions as to a product that have worked for you, I would love to hear them. I could probably search the net, but I figured here would be the best place to get some honest feedback.

Or better yet, if someone has suggestions to what tools you would like as an affiliate to promote a product, I would also love to hear it.

I plan on offering up banners of all sizes and some various sized product images, but am lost as to what else an affiliate would need?

So products and suggestions would be cool, if you would be so kind...

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