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Hi everyone, what's a good sales page website conversion percent, and how can I achieve a 5 to 7 percent conversion on my sales pages?


Terry Taitt
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    Speaking from experience, if it is a cold traffic, then a good sales conversion rate is about 2-3% (of course it has other factors like pricing, traffic quality, the customer behavior within the niche, etc). If you are talking about pre-qualified traffic from JV or from your own list, then 5-7% is easily achievable.
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    The best way to increase your conversion is to increase the trust factor you have with the people coming to your site. The best way usually is increased interaction with them, which is probably best achieved with getting them to opt-in to your autoresponder and then having 7-10 emails sent to them that provide more value and sell at the same time.
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    Its really 2 elements - targeted traffic and your sales copy. Visitors need to be looking for what you have to sell and your sales copy need to communicate that you have the solution to the problem they want to solve. Now in order to comunicate it correctly you need to know your target market. Creating your average customer avatar could help a lot.
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    Want the percentage to increase?

    Meet your new best friend (and he comes cheap - free)...

    Introducing... Google Websiteoptimizer

    All kidding aside, it all comes down to testing...

    Test, test and test some more - that's the key to improving conversions. Unless you're really sending a lot of traffic you'll just want to stay with simple split testing - send 50% to one variation, 50% to another. Observe. Change. And test some more.

    It's a process of refinement over time.

    You may want to buy some cheap traffic and change your offer page to "give away" your product and then send all that paid traffic to it.

    Now, you're not really going to get great conversions from cold traffic and cheap traffic like this, but the goal here is to make relative comparisons and learn "cheaply" and "quickly". Then you can take what you've learned and reapply your regular pricing, etc... and reap the benefits.
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    Originally Posted by Terrence Taitt View Post

    Hi everyone, what's a good sales page website conversion percent, and how can I achieve a 5 to 7 percent conversion on my sales pages?


    Terry Taitt

    A good percentage for low-ticket products is 1% - 2% from
    cold traffic, and upwards to 5% - 7% from warm traffic.

    That's not just numbers I'm throwing out there, those are
    the REAL numbers. This is my experience.

    I remember when I used to consistently get those numbers
    above and THINK something was wrong with my sales copy,
    email messages, or even me.

    You asked, "how can I achieve a 5 to 7 percent conversion
    on my sales pages?

    The EASIEST way is with a list of your own warmed up to
    you and your offers over TIME, the SECOND easiest is with
    a strong JV partnership.

    In most cases, when you hear people talk about high 5% -
    7% conversions, some aren't telling you the "whole story".

    What they RARELY mention is that those conversions come
    from WARM traffic (people familiar with the marketer and/
    or product either through THEIR list or someone elses.

    The better question is...

    do you care more about higher conversions, or higher ROI
    (return on investment) or profit?

    High conversions aren't all it's cracked up to be. If anything,
    it's a good "ego trip".

    "I got 3% of 1000 leads, that's 30 sales"

    "I got 1% of 5000 buyers, that's 50 sales"


    But if each one of those products were $7, $27, or $37, or
    even $47 (for most online products being sold), is that really
    worth bragging about?

    Just something to think about.
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    hey terry

    sending traffic direct to a sales page wont usually convert much more than around 3%

    of course building a list is the best way because you can build the relationship and trust and you can then see anything from 5% to 30%+

    but if you have affiliates remember that your affiliates WILL NOT want to send traffic to a sales page if there is an opt in form

    although the cookie will still track them putting opt in forms on sales pages may put off a lot of affiliates from promoting the product

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    Originally Posted by Terrence Taitt View Post

    Hi everyone, what's a good sales page website conversion percent, and how can I achieve a 5 to 7 percent conversion on my sales pages?


    Terry Taitt

    It's irrelevant. See:

    1. I could have a 10% conversion rate for a $7 product with a 30% take rate on the $40 upsell. That means I could have 100 front end sales for every 1000 leads, making me $700, plust 30 sales at $40, which amounts to another $1200. Total revenue per lead = $1.9 per lead

    While you could have a 0.25% conversion on a $5000 product without any upsells and still make $5000 per 400 leads which is $5/lead.

    Clearly $/lead is more important than conversion rate.

    2. You could make $2/lead, while spending $1 for a lead, while I could be making $1.4/lead by spending only $0.20/lead. So your profit margin is $1/lead that costs one dollar, and mine is $1.20/lead for a lead that costs me only 20 cents.

    So if both of us have a marketing budget of $1000, I would get 5000 leads PLUS $6000 profit, and you would get only 1000 leads and $1000 profits, even though your $/lead was higher than mine.

    So ROI is more important than profit/lead which is obviously more important than $/lead

    3. Your ROI is 100%, and mine is only 20%. Let's say we both have unlimited budgets. You can only buy traffic worth $1000/month, while I can buy traffic for $100,000/month.

    That means your profits will be only $1000 per month on an ad spend of $1000, while mine will be $20,000/month while spending $100,000 on advertising.

    So good old fashioned bottomline is what really matters at the end of the day.

    1. Conversion rate (really useless)
    2. Revenue $/lead (slightly more useful)
    3. Profit /Lead (Better than above)
    4. ROI (A good metric)
    5. Bottomline (The only one that you should concern yourself with).

    Hope this clears things for you...
    -Lakshay Behl
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    Hi Terry,

    It depends on a lot of factors. I will be honest. I have written only a few sales copies for my clients and here is one of them: (Not trying to promote any product, just wanted to show an example, if that's not allowed, please delete this post). According to my client (You can tell him a partner but he actually never shared the earnings as he promised or did not bother to reply my emails, that's another story although), the sales page got a conversion of 2%-3%. I don't know that's something good or not, but you can have a look at that and find out if that can get 2%-3% conversion, what conversion (better or worse), your copy will have.

    That being said, I sincerely believe you can write much better than me and hence your conversion, according to me, should be higher.
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